Rock & Roll with The Rose: A Helpful Guide

Rock & Roll with The Rose: A Helpful Guide

With K-pop gaining constant international recognition, more and more talented artists are coming to the forefront. Bands are striving very hard to hone their skills in order to present to us exactly what we want. Today, the industry has a room for all and bands no longer have to fit ino one category to be successful. The Rose (더 로즈) is a product of just that! 

This four-member K-rock group under J&Star Agency debuted with the single “Sorry” on August 3, 2017. Since then, they have been on the receiving end of a lot of love and appreciation, and rightly so! If you are looking for a soulful melody and raw lyrics topped off with breathtaking visuals, congratulations! Because you are going to get just that with this band. So, lets go and get a new group to obsess over!


What excites us K-pop addicts is more than just music but also the equation made up by the members. Their interactions are not only fun to watch, but also endearing. The Rose is a quartet, and their relationship—although chaotic—is immensely special and lovely! Each of the members have unique personality traits that not only make them stand out but adds on to this dynamic we love and support. 

  • Kim Woosung 

Signature flower: White rose meaning "purity"

Woosung (Sammy) is the leader of the group, lead vocalist, and can also play electric guitar (talk about talent!). He was on K-Pop Star in 2012 and managed to attract a lot of attention, all thanks to his vocals and amazing performance. Want to see more of Woosung? Catch him on his YouTube channel where he steals all our hearts with his covers! WOLF, his first solo mini album, was released July 25, 2019 with the lead track "FACE."

  • Park Dojoon

 Signature flower: Red rose meaning "passion"

Park Dojoon (Leo) is who you'd call the sunshine of the group. He is the main vocalist, and also plays the keyboard and acoustic guitar. He was originally part of DSP Media, but went on to debut with The Rose. 

  • Lee Hajoon 

Signature flower: Blue rose meaning "miracle"

The drummer of the group, Hajoon (Dylan), is going to get you grooving to his killer beat! He is also positioned in the band as a sub-vocalist and rapper. He was the second member to join the group, and went on to recruit Dojoon and Woosung with Jaehyeong. 

  • Lee Jaehyeong 

Signature flower: Pink rose meaning "romantic"

The maknae of the group, Jaehyeong (Jeff), is the bassist, sub-vocalist and visual of the group. Jaehyeong was one of the first members to join The Rose. Although all the members consider themselves to be nothing more than kids, Jaehyeong is seen to be the caretaker of the group! 


New to the K-pop industry, The Rose has released two singles and two mini albums. They debuted with the single ‘Sorry” in 2017 and immediately received a lot of appreciation. 

Subsequently, they released the next single “Like We Used To” in October 2017. 

The soft rock-themed songs come with raspy vocals, thanks to Woosung, and groovy beats! “Sorry” went on to become one of the best rock singles of 2017 on Billboard. Since then, the group has had their scheduled packed with tours and concerts. Starting off with their first Europe tour, Paint It Rose, they performed in Brussels, Moscow, Istanbul, London and Budapest.

Amidst several concerts, they released two new mini-albums, titled Void (April 16, 2018) and Dawn (October 4, 2018). Both of these albums had a lot of depth and were well-received by the fans. 


For those who haven’t gotten the opportunity to attend their concerts, this might get your hopes up! The group is performing live in Seoul on August 17, and will be touring the U.S. on the We Rose You Live in USA tour that kicks off in Atlanta on August 28. Their third single, "Red," will be released August 13, 2019.

The Rose breaks the set standards expected out of a quintessential K-pop group and rises as talented artists producing high quality heartfelt music. We are looking forward to everything the band has to offer, are you? 

What is your favourite song from The Rose?
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Cover Image: The Rose (J&Star Company)
Written by Sayantani Banerjee

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