Reasons Why You’ll Love 'Chef and My Fridge'

Reasons Why You’ll Love 'Chef and My Fridge'

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Korean celebrities have in their fridge? Or what are their favorite dishes? Do you love cooking competitions? If you answered yes to any of those then Chef and My Fridge is for you. This cooking show, also known as Please, Take Care of my Refrigerator, has a team of renowned chefs battle each other to create a dish that will delight the celebrity guest. The catch? The chefs have fifteen minutes to complete their dishes and can only use ingredients from the guest’s fridge. If that’s not enough to make you tune in, here are five reasons why we love it and you will too! 

  • Celebrity Guests 

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang, BTS’ Jin and Jimin, and SHINee’s Minho are only a few of the idols, actors, and comedians who have appeared on the show. They’ll dish (pun totally intended) on everything from what they ate during debut days to their favorite snacks, and the stories behind the unusual items on their fridges. You’ll definitely see another side of them during the episodes. 

  • The Chefs’ Friendships and Rivalries 

With every win, the chefs get a star and the amount of stars will dictate who wins Best Chef at the end of the season. Of course, the competitiveness comes out when they’re in the kitchen and they’ll do anything to defeat their opponent. But do not fret, it is not the kind of cattiness you see in other cooking shows because everything is done in a lighthearted, playful way!

  • Intense Face-offs 

The chefs go all out to impress the guests with intricate and beautifully-displayed dishes, and they only have fifteen minutes to do so! Sometimes they do more than one dish, or something burns, or they forgot to put something on the oven. You never know what kind of challenges will arise when the chefs are in the kitchen, and it’s thrilling to see them race against time!

  • The Hilarious Hosts

Whether is making fun of a certain chef for always using tomatoes  (*ahem* Sam Kim *ahem*), trying to make a celebrity spill the beans on their dating life, or making fun of each other, Kim Sung-Joo and  Ahn Jung-hwan (who replaced Jeong Hyeong-Don in 2016) will make you laugh throughout the entire show. Their laid-back personalities and chemistry makes you feel like you’re watching two friends rather than hosts of a cooking show. 

  • Discovering New Foods 

It might be a Korean show, but you’ll see dishes from all over the world since the chefs are specialized in different cuisines, like Italian and Japanese, while other chefs come from countries like China (Lee Yeon-Buk) and Bulgaria (Mihal Ashminov). You’ll feel inspired to try to come up with a similar recipe at home or google the nearest restaurant that serves that dish. Either way this show will bring out the foodie in you. 

Chef and My Fridge is currently on its six season and you can watch it with English subtitles on Netflix (episodes up to 2017) or Viki (current 2019 season). Let us know your thoughts on this show in the comments below.

Cover Image: Chef and My Fridge (JTBC)
Written by Dianelys Fuentes

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