Pink, Pink, Pink for Valentine’s Day!

Pink, Pink, Pink for Valentine’s Day!

Whether you are going to be single or taken this Valentine’s Day, these pink-themed cafes will definitely put you in a sugary sweet mood. The vibe of the design and pink aesthetic of these cafes will give a perfect picture for Valentine’s Day; a perfect reason to celebrate despite your relationship status. So take your significant other, friends, family, or just yourself to check out these Instagram cafes in Seoul. 

  • Style Nanda Pink Hotel and Pool Cafe

Although it is no longer summer, this cafe is the perfect reason to relive the summer vibes. The store consists of seven floors, which alone is honestly impressive, and each floor has many beautiful photo opportunities to take advantage of!

  • Urban Space Myeongdong

Everything here is a perfect atmosphere filled with pink and cute inflatable toys to unleash your inner child this Valentine’s Day. Jump into their ball pit or simply sip on their aesthetic drinks. No matter what, it will most definitely be an enjoyable experience immersed in pink.

  • TTUL

Talk To U Later (TTUL) is a cafe that brings you a majority pink cafe of comfort. With drinks and treats, go on an adorable cafe date to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The cafe’s pink aesthetic accented with a bit of green creates a lovely atmosphere to chill and enjoy a part of your day.

  • VT Cosmetics Pink House

Now closed, pink and K-pop — specifically BTS — came together in this perfectly pink cafe. Cosmetics, skincare, and aesthetics were all here. With a special outdoor area, you could relax and enjoy your drink after all the shopping of VT goods. Even if you can’t go and get your retail therapy in person, don’t forget that the Daebak Shop has some VT x BTS goods you can check out!

Which pink cafe would you like to check out first? Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Catherine Tai

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