Netflix Hits Home with 'Vagabond'

Netflix Hits Home with 'Vagabond'

After almost a year since the initial premiere date, the long-awaited K-drama series, Vagabond, is finally here! In hopes to reach a more global audience, episodes will be released on SBS TV and Netflix simultaneously, so you won’t have to wait days or weeks for episodes to be subbed. More content available faster? Yes, please!

Vagabond is an action-packed series that features a heartwarming relationship between stuntman Cha Dal Geon and his nephew, Cha Hoon. Due to an unfortunate plane crash, Cha Hoon never makes it back home to his uncle. When Dal Geon arrives in Morocco, he is convinced that the plane crash wasn’t an accident at all, but no one believes him. He quickly becomes acquainted with South Korean Embassy intern, Go Hae Ri, but by the end of the first episode, it is unclear whether Go Hae Ri’s character is one of the good guys or not.

Although its two leads seem to be naturally-born actors, they both began their careers in the music industry, becoming known as soloist Lee Seung Gi and Miss A’s Suzy. Lee Seung Gi takes the male lead role as Cha Dal Geon, a young stuntman whose dreams of making it big in Hollywood were put on hold to take care of his nephew. Bae Suzy naturally takes the female lead role as Go Hae Ri, an undercover National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent working for the South Korean Embassy in Morocco. 

Vagabond isn’t the first drama for Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy to star in together. In 2013, the two actors appeared in Gu Family Book and won Best Couple at the MBC Drama Award show. Many fans instantly became excited to hear that the two would reunite through Vagabond, especially after how the Gu Family Book series ended. Vagabond‘s first episode was scheduled to air at the end of 2018 but got delayed until May 2019, then eventually September 2019; but delays in the premiere date only raised expectations for the star-studded series. 

A concern that might come to mind with action films or series is the quality of visual effects. When it comes to describing Vagabond’s cinematography, only one word comes to mind: skillful. There hasn’t been a scene when the actor’s movements looked off or when the camerawork seemed overly exaggerated. To give the series a more authentic feeling, the Vagabond staff spent about a month and a half filming overseas in Portugal and Morocco. We’re glad the directors and producers took that extra time to make sure each shot looked just right.

To build anticipation, the two lead actors shared behind-the-scenes photos and videos on their personal Instagram accounts. Photos of coffee trucks sent to the actors in support of their work for Vagabond can be found as early as September 2018. Lee Seung Gi proves his hard work and dedication towards Vagabond by sharing photos of himself either showcasing his costume in full action or assisting with the production.

Suzy expresses her happiness on set by sharing photos of all the staff working behind the scenes, making sure each scene comes out smoothly. She also reassures fans that her time overseas wasn’t just all work and no play by sharing the moments where she went roaming the market and sightseeing.

What would a K-drama without music to set the mood? The first original soundtrack released is an uplifting, acoustic song called “Good All Day” by JTBC’s SuperBand contestant, Lee Chan Sol. “Good All Day” is co-written by Nam Hye Seung, who has also written songs for other popular K-dramas such as Goblin, Romance is a Bonus Book, and Mr. Sunshine

After looking at the list of individuals taking part in the Vagabond team, expectations for this K-drama series could never be higher. Lead actors Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy show their fans that this series was a labor of love and will definitely be worth the wait. 

Episodes will be released every Friday and Saturday on Netflix until the last episode airs on November 9, 2019. Although it may sound like a strange concept coming from a streaming service known for binging, this approach better quenches the K-drama fans’ thirst. Be sure to tune in on Friday to see what happens next!

Cover Image: Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy in Vagabond (SBS)
Written by Sarah Wong

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