Moonbyul Shows Her Duality with Solo Comeback 'Eclipse'

Moonbyul Shows Her Duality with Solo Comeback 'Eclipse'

Monster or Moonstar? MAMAMOO's main rapper is back with her second solo album — and she's not holding back.

After announcing the release of her second solo album, MAMAMOO's Moonbyul sparked fans' curiosity with a variety of teasers and concept images showing off a whole new side to the usually cheerful rapper and vocalist. The teased concept was such a stark contrast to the rapper's previous solo work that fans could not wait to see what she would bring to spotlight with this February comeback! Ever dedicated to wow her fans, Moonbyul certainly did not disappoint!

The official video for Dark Side of the Moon's title track "Eclipse" kicks off with two different sides of the rapper: one donned in all-black and striking makeup, and the other in pure white, a clear picture of innocence. This metaphor does not end with visuals, however, as Moonbyul does not limit herself to just her rapping skills, but rather chooses to show off her vocal prowess as well. Fans of the girl group under Rainbow Bridge World will not be surprised to hear Moonbyul's heavenly vocals, but it is rare for the rapper to showcase this side of her on a title track.

Singing and rapping are not the only skills Moonbyul is showing off in this music video. With the release of a choreography teaser video, expectations ran high for "Eclipse" to exhibit the rapper's undeniable dance ability — a goal it easily achieved. The dynamic choreography is performed by both "personas" Moonbyul presents, the strong yet fluid moves somehow fitting of both the dark and light side of "Eclipse."

After the success MAMAMOO saw in 2019 through their group and solo works, it's not surprising to see the members also rising through the charts and making their mark in the Korean (and international!) music industry, and Dark Side of the Moon is doing just that.

The mini album is composed of six original songs, one of them being the much-anticipated studio version of "Moon Movie," the very personal song fans had only been able to listen to during the group's concerts, and has already placed Moonbyul among some of the best selling female soloists, with over 57,000 copies sold on its first day alone.

With this achievement and the hundreds of thousands of views the title track's music video has garnered in the first few hours since its release, 2020 is shaping up to be a massive year for MAMAMOO, and Moonbyul's Dark Side of the Moon is only the beginning!

What did you think of Moonbyul's comeback? Have you listened to Dark Side of the Moon yet? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Moonbyul of MAMAMOO (RBW)
Written by Vale Papili

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