Learn to Do Natural Makeup Like f(x)'s Luna

Learn to Do Natural Makeup Like f(x)'s Luna

From sharp eyeliner to splashes of vibrant colors, K-pop idols—both the women and the men—are known for their fierce makeup. Often, the stage makeup that we see on them is exaggerated for the sake of adding punch to an already aesthetically overwhelming visual presentation. But what do these megastars gravitate to when they're not serving us ferocious faces? According to f(x)’s Luna, it's everything but exaggerated makeup.

"In Korea, it's a trend right now to look as natural as possible," Luna explains to popular Mexican YouTuber Yuya. The two makeup enthusiasts recently collaborated on a series of videos comparing each other's cultures through cosmetics.

To Luna, it's all about natural-looking makeup. The more that it looks like you're not wearing any, the better. In their collab video titled "¡COREANA ME MAQUILLA COMO ELLA Y ASÍ QUEDE!" (A Korean does my makeup and this is how it turned out), Luna shares her natural makeup routine and walks us through a step by step tutorial of how to achieve her glowy, understated look.

The key is hydration. Its importance is fundamental not only to get the best results from your makeup but it underlines how much focus is put into nourishing the skin. Your skin and the products you put on it work in tandem much like paint on a canvas, and Luna makes sure to leave no stone unturned while explaining this to Yuya as she applies her makeup. Check her out in action below!

Luna's Step by Step Makeup Routine

Step 1: Lip Balm

From the beginning, it's all about hydration. According to Luna, this is extra important during the winter time when the weather in Korea is a lot harsher and drying to the skin. Applying a bit of lip balm is a good place to start.

Step 2: Sunscreen

Lots and lots of sunscreen. It’s one of the most important elements of a Korean skincare regimen. In Luna's tutorial, she uses a cushion pact of sunscreen and lightly applies it on Yuya, who jokingly admits how little she took care of Luna's skin when they swapped roles.

Step 3: Base

When it comes to foundation, Luna uses minimal layers. She advises using makeup only where necessary to prevent cakiness. And like the steps before, the products she uses are infused with SPF. In this case, Luna uses a cushion tinted moisturizer to achieve a natural luminosity.

Step 4: Highlighter

To amp up the natural glow, Luna applies highlighter with a sponge, ever so lightly on the prominent areas of the face.

Here's a pro tip from Luna: soak or wash your sponge in green tea to infuse it with antioxidants that help combat acne. I mean, if your beauty tools aren't multitasking, are you even doing K-beauty right?

Step 5: Eyeshadow

And barely any of it. As you probably guessed, the key here is to use colors that are close to your natural skin tone. You're enhancing what is already there rather than creating intense eye looks that would throw everything off balance.

Final Steps: Blush and Lip Tint

Rather than applying heavy contour, Luna approaches this step by contouring with a blush. It adds depth to the skin without going overboard. Finally, Luna finishes everything off with a lip tint. Here she applies very little of it in the center of the lips.

And that's it! What do you think about Luna's natural makeup routine? Do you like understated makeup or are you a little more adventurous? Sound off in the comments section below!

Cover Image: Yuya (yuyacst)

Written by Arnold

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