Korea's Halloween Haunts

Korea's Halloween Haunts

Over the years, Halloween has been growing in popularity in South Korea. While it’s not quite as widespread as in other parts of the world, it’s still possible to get your Halloween fix. Costumed trick-or-treaters can scout for candy in Yongsan Family Park or find places hosting “Trunk-or-Treat” events, such as George Mason University, and if seeking a light over at the Frankenstein Place, you can even find a few public screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show floating around. There’s a little something for everyone, from food to festivals, and we’ve put together a quick guide to suit your spooky needs.

Halloween Parties

Every year, SMTown entertainers gather in their most thrilling garb for the company’s annual Halloween blowout. Gracing the party with their presence have been the likes of SHINee, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, and more dressed as everything from superheroes to Smurfs.

We may not have the credentials to attend S.M. Entertainment’s big Halloween bash, but it doesn’t mean we can’t party in style. Nightclubs and bars open their doors to all ghouls that dare to enter, and many times wearing a costume for the occasion can get you in for free. Seoul Shindig and The Meet Market can be found throwing yearly Halloween parties at various hot spots, and other places, such as Club Octagon and Mix & Malt in Seoul have their own soirees for those who can’t wait to dress up and get down. Don’t think the clubs are the are the only spaces getting spirits lifted; Soonsiki Hair even hosts a costume party in Hongdae.

Themed Tours 

Pub Crawl
Don’t be surprised to see some witches knocking back a bottle of brew on a pub crawl with Seoul Gone Wild! The company’s main event was founded on Halloween in 2014, and every year takes 200 partiers to five stops in Itaewon and Hongdae for a night of hair-raising excitement.

Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Tour
The Dark Side of Seoul Ghost Tour is available year-round, but there’s something about October that adds a darker shade of eerie. The tour guide takes a curious crowd on a walk that holds tales of ghosts, murders, and scandals unheard about in daylight. The regular 1 ½-hour version of the tour is enough for a taste, but it’s the extended 2 ½-hour version that will give leave you stuffed with knowledge of some of Seoul’s more sinister secrets.

Zombie Run
Race for your life in an annual zombie run hosted by Let’s Run Park Seoul! Runners must protect their three life flags (or else become a zombie) for nearly two miles as they make their way through the undead to the safety of the finish line.

Halloween Festivals

Great Korean Beer Festival
Though craft beer takes the spotlight, the Great Korean Beer Festival is a family-friendly event. The three-day fest-for-all features domestic and international beer, food from around the globe, live music, and a Halloween costume contest with prizes ranging from cash to a luxury hotel stay.

In Daegu, Eworld kicked off its 2018 Halloween Festival, Horror Prison. Park-goers can test their wits by attempting to escape zombies in a haunted prison or avoid being caught by 100 zombies on the loose. For those less willing to be right in the middle of trouble, enjoy a Halloween parade, face-painting, holiday-themed food, live performances, cosplay, magic tricks, and an exciting display of fireworks.

Seoul Land
Korea’s first amusement park, Seoul Land, has its own offerings of Halloween delights in its 2018 festival, Monster Balloon City. Monsters over ten meters high tower over guests as they take part in face painting, delicious food, and costumed characters ready to entertain in performances throughout the park. Make your own monster mask before jetting off to take on the challenge of escaping the haunted house, Blood Number Level 2.

Lotte World
A “Virus” is plaguing Lotte World, and the infection is spreading, bringing more guests to the indoor theme park for Halloween fun! Wear a costume or rent one at the park, and get ready to scream--for more than just the rides. Zombies have invaded, and are bringing dance parties and zombie attacks with them. Visit the salon for a walking dead makeover or take a ride on a haunted swing. There are enough scares at the park for the entire family, from cute to downright creepy.

If you’re a regular viewer of Run BTS!, you’re probably already familiar with Everland’s Horror Safari. The members of BTS were subjected to a frightening surprise in Episode 24 of the popular V app series, which took them on a ride through darkness into to their own personal zombie-filled horror show. In addition to this spooky ride, the theme park boasts a bevy of other Halloween scares in Blood City 2: Zombie Carnival, running well into November, including (but not limited to): the horror-themed T-Express roller coaster, Horror Amazon, Crazy Zombie Hunt, Horror Maze, a zombie make-up salon, and the Trick-or-Treat Halloween Party parade.

If you still need some last-minute costume inspiration, check out these K-pop idol costumes before the holiday ghosts!

Written by Britt Franklin

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