Korea's 7-Eleven Treasures

Korea's 7-Eleven Treasures

Walking into a 7-Eleven in the West may be a regular convenience store, where you can grab a couple of snacks, small emergency items, and other regular products one might need. If you ever find yourself in South Korea and see a local 7-Eleven, it is a must to stop by as the store is the definition of heaven and a treasure box waiting to be explored! One could spend hours exploring every item waiting to be taken home, from the most outrageous flavours and items to cute basic necessities. Everything you may ever need will surely be found there. Here are the must-haves and surprising items found in Korea's 7-Eleven!

  • Ramen / Ramyeon

As many may already know how popular ramyeon is in Asia, either eaten as a comfort food or a quick meal. Unlike ramen in the West that has only a limited variety of flavors, Korea has an aisle specifically dedicated to ramyeon with every flavor one would never believe existed; including: tteokbokki, cheese, kimchi, seafood, fried chicken, sriracha and more! If in need of a basic choice, there’s always shrimp, chicken and beef.

  • Prepackaged foods

Many would think that convenience stores would only carry snack items that can be considered a quick eat, but 7-Elevens in Korea are more than grab-and-go. They feature prepared foods, including bento boxes, cold sandwiches, burgers, kimbap, and much more that can be easily warmed up and eaten. Most of the 7-Elevens in Korea also feature tables, chairs, and microwaves in store.

  • Beverages

Of course, every convenience store has drinks, from your common sodas, water, and teas; but only these items could be found in a 7-Eleven: drinks with Kakao characters, cherry blossoms for the spring, and even corn-flavored! Beverages packaged with the cutest designs, in endless flavors, and inspired by seasons and characters—the personality in these drinks simply cannot be beat. They’re all satisfying, in taste and aesthetics, so it’s a must to discover it all on your own.

  • Other Needs

Many of us tend to find ourselves in emergencies—forgetting certain items and having small accidents. In many situations like these, one would have to travel back to their home or find a nearby store which could get a bit pricey. But don’t worry, Korea is filled with 7-Elevens, and they have it all from cosmetics, cute band aids, umbrellas, collared shirts, tights and emergency items.

We could go on about the products to be found in these convenience stores, but that would be no fun when you could discover all of it on your own. Grab your map when browsing through the late night streets in Seoul, and congratulations! You’ve found the hidden treasure of South Korea.

Written by Andrea Villarreal

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