Korean Dishes You Should Pota-Totally Taste!

Korean Dishes You Should Pota-Totally Taste!

Are you a person who ponders upon pictures of potato dishes? Do you take the taste of tubers as temptatious? Or perhaps you just genuinely like the taste of the carby gamja (potato). Whether you absolutely love potato or are just looking for a few new dishes, here’s a list of a couple of dishes that spotlight one of Earth’s finest and most versatile vegetable.

  • Gamjajeon

Did you ever wish that your hashbrowns could be a lot smoother and less flakey? Well, gamjajeon is the answer for you! Instead of being shredded like hashbrowns, gamjajeon is made with potatoes that are either blended or grated very finely! Once the potatoes are finely blended or grated, that batter is fried in a pan to make a delicious pancake! This creates a softer and chewier inside than hashbrowns with an outside that’s still crispy and crunchy! Serve this dish with some sweet soy sauce for a delicious combination!

  • Goguma Mattang

While sweet potato may not be the first thing you think of when you imagine “dessert,” it’s one of Korea’s favorite ingredients! In goguma mattang, sweet potatoes are chopped into bite-sized chunks, fried, and covered within a deliciously sweet syrup! As a result, the fluffy sweet potatoes become coated with a sweet and crunchy exterior once the syrup cools. Not only does goguma mattang provide an interesting eating experience, but it’s a delicious one as well!

  • Gamja Salad (Korean Potato Salad)

While western potato salad often serves the potatoes diced, gamja salad commonly makes use of mashed potatoes instead! Both creamy and sweet, gamja salad and its delightfully soft texture can easily leave you wanting more. Additionally, gamja salad usually has bits of refreshing cucumber in it, making it easy to eat without getting tired of it. If you have a chance, give it a try! This delicious banchan is a favorite of many Korean food fanatics!

  • Gamjajorim

If you love bite-sized pieces of savory potato, gamjajorim is the dish for you! Simmered in soy sauce and sugar, these bits of potato provide the perfect complement to a bowl of rice or whatever you’d like! Not only are these an amazing dish to eat with meals, but you can also pre-make them and store them in the fridge for packed lunches as well!

  • Goguma

Looking for a healthy snack? Roasted Korean sweet potatoes, goguma, are a delicious and healthy addition to any diet! While they take time to prepare, the effort put into slow-roasting the potatoes results into a deliciously sweet and fluffy snack! Not only are these delicious, but they’re fairly simple to make as well! Just roast some Korean sweet potatoes until their fluffy and you’re done!

Potatoes are one of the most versatile ingredients a person could ask for, and South Korean makes good use of this versatility! Not only is the deliciousness of potatoes channeled within savory dishes, but in desserts as well! Whether it’s the nutty taste of the sweet potato or the easily influenced taste of regular potatoes, South Korean dishes use the vegetable in delectable ways!

Written by Kyle Voong

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