K-Pop Songs as Iced Coffees

K-Pop Songs as Iced Coffees

Summer is a season when we dig out the shorts and sunglasses, spend time at the beach or by a pool, and whip out the gorgeous iced coffees. Over the years, there have been more and more creative ways to make iced coffees more unique and appealing to all people (even those who might not like hot coffee!). Sometimes taking a sip of these drinks makes our minds wander to blissful thoughts, and sometimes these thoughts might be K-pop related (what a treat when we daydream of our favourites!). Get ready to create a new Spotify playlist, here is a list of K-pop songs if they were brewed into iced coffees!

Monster Iced Americano

“Monster” by EXO is a rough song with amazing visuals from a group known all around the world. Similarly, Americanos are quite bitter (due to the lack of sugar or milk), are great for summer photos, and is the most popular of coffees. The fact it’s just coffee and water makes it the favourite drink for coffee purists, a profile that could be used to describe EXO in the world of K-pop.

Teary Iced Latte

“Tears” by So Chan Wee is a bittersweet tune about moving on from broken love. The message of the song has both the bitterness of coffee, and the softness of the milk, making an incredibly successful song and drink. Iced lattes are the second most popular drinks, as they qualify for coffee purists, and yet the bitterness is lessened by the milk, making it successful amongst those who don’t particularly like the taste of coffee. Like this, both people who love K-pop, and those who do not really listen to it, will probably find a liking to this song.

“Another Vanilla Latte!”

“Replay” by SHINee is a sweet song about young love. Vanilla latte’s are a sweet drink popular amongst young people, due to the fact they are so easy to drink. The vanilla syrup camouflages any bitterness that comes with coffee, and is very fresh when added to ice. The music video is enough to remind anyone of their high school years (does anyone else get High School Musical vibes?), and this iced vanilla latte will be the perfect drink whilst reminiscing on the past years.

Victory Mocha

Mochas are a fairly recent introduction in the coffee world, and so are Stray Kids, who have only been around since 2017. “Victory Song” is their new track that is buzzing with energy, cool moves and astounding bass drops. The cocoa and coffee mixes two beans to make an exquisite drink which rests well on the tongue, and the sugar and caffeine successfully fill you up with the energy needed during the day. Stray Kids’ wide range of voices, songs with catchy beats, and Aussie accents here and there is enough to give you the energy mochas can offer.

I Love You, Caramel

Caramel macchiato is probably the sweetest drink out of the old-school iced coffees. “I Love You” by S.E.S. is an adored old-school K-pop song that is extremely adorable to watch, sing, and listen to. S.E.S. is one of the first popular K-pop groups formed, debuting in 1997, and this song was known for being cute. That is why it is a perfect match with the iced caramel macchiato, a smooth coffee with a punch of caramel sweetness that is just irresistible!

Baby… Thai Coffee

NCT is a complicated band regarding members, but in this particular song—“Baby Don’t Stop”—only two members are singing, Ten (a Thai singer) and Taeyong. Iced Thai coffee is made with condensed milk and double cream, making it thick, sweet and irresistible. The song has a Thai and Korean version, which mixes English and Spanish in some verses, too. The mix of languages mirrors the mixture of flavours in the coffee. In no time at all, you will find yourself addicted to both!

Dracula’s Pumpkin Spice

No matter the time of the year, it is undeniable that a lot of people look forward to the next season: fall. Whether it’s the charm of the trees turning into stunning fiery colors, the weather finally cooling down, or the anticipation of Halloween; it is no surprise pumpkin spice is a popular flavor any time of the year. “Dracula” by f(x) is the perfect song to listen to whilst drinking pumpkin spice frozen coffee. The upbeat music will keep you in the summer vibe, whilst giving you a taste of the next season.

Milkshake for my Honey

A coffee milkshake will give you the best of both worlds: the delicious caffeine rush we all crave, and the relaxing coolness of the milkshake. Listening to “Honey” by JYP will complete the drink beautifully. The funky '70’s disco vibe will make you want to dance and enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest. All we can say is...JYP is as cool as a cucumber, and so is this drink!

Love Roses

Roses are the usual symbol of love, but a rosy latte is the symbol of love for any coffee lover. The rose-flavored coffee contains the sweet taste of romance, and it must be drank whilst listening to “LOVE” by Lyn and HanHae. The song was made for the Korean drama Are You Human Too?, and is the theme song of the lovers, who, against all odds, fought for their love. If you are a hopeless romantic, this drink is definitely the one for you!

Citric Dreams

“Dream” by Bolbbalgan4 is a bitter song in the most beautiful way possible: the sad melody that talks about impossible love will tear anyone up. If you were to make this song into a drink, it would most likely be an espresso lemonade. The bitterness of the coffee and citrus capture the melancholy vibe of the song, but also has an irresistible flavor… All in all you will not get tired of either.

¡Hola Coconuts!

Summer is a time where people want to explore exotic places, whether it’s Spain, the Caribbean Islands, Thailand...or anywhere warm, sunny and by the beach. Songs with exotic, summery vibes do very well, and that is the case with “Hola Hola” by KARD. Do not worry, we have the perfect drink to match this vibe: the iced spiced coconut latte! The coconut flavour matches the beat of the music, and will cool you down in the warm weather.

Kill This Tiramisu

Tiramisu frozen coffee tastes as sweet, flavourful and awesome as it sounds. The coffee cake coffee is an amazing invention which took way too long to be made. BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” is the perfect match for this drink. The catchy beat, the epic drums, and the badass message will come to mind whenever you take a sip. On top of that, the colors and dance in the music video perfectly mirror the sweet kick of the drink.

Memory of the Injeolmi Latte

The injeolmi latte (also known as rice cake latte) is a Korean delicacy, so what better song to out with it than the much adored “Memory of the Wind” by NAUL. The song, which is a favorite in karaoke rooms, is known throughout the nation, by many generations, and loved by many. Although the injeolmi latte is not as widely known outside Korea, it is quite popular amongst the coffee lovers there.

So now you have a list of iced coffees you must try, and a summer K-pop playlist! Even if you are not a lover of coffee, it is worth trying some of these drinks,maybe even whilst listening to the songs.

Do you know all of these K-pop songs? What are your plans for the summer? What is your favorite coffee? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image: Hyungwon of MONSTA X (Starship Entertainment)
Written by Lucille Bamber

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