K-Pop Playlist: Take a Journey through BoA's Discography

K-Pop Playlist: Take a Journey through BoA's Discography

If there is anyone who knows how much K-pop has changed over the years, it's BoA. As one of SM Entertainment's longtime soloists, BoA has more than paid her dues as a K-pop superstar. With nineteen years of work under her belt (and counting!), she is one of the industry's first figures to crossover to Japan and launch a successful multi-national career. Today, we're looking at a whopping eighteen studio albums from the Queen of K-pop.

On June 4, BoA released her 76th—yes, 76th!—single "Feedback" featuring rapper Nucksal. As a nod to BoA's incredibly deep discography, let's take a journey through BoA's career and see just how much she's grown as an artist and K-pop icon.

"ID; Peace of B"

BoA debuted in 2000 at the age of thirteen with "ID; Peace of B." It didn't take long for SM Entertainment to see the potential in BoA's star quality, and in just two year's time, BoA was already in pursuit of the Japanese market. She debuted in Japan in 2002, and since then she has spent her career promoting her music in both countries. As of now, BoA is one of only two artists to have six consecutive number one albums in Japan, tied only with Ayumi Hamasaki. In other words, she's kind of a big deal.

"Girls On Top"

BoA has always provided a strong female image in Korea, and early on, she used urban musical styles to match that stage presence. Near the middle of her career, BoA had taken that formula and cranked it up several decibels to give us the powerful pop diva we've come to see her as with songs like "Girls On Top" and later the English single "Eat You Up." Future SM Entertainment artists like SHINee and f(x) would come to take cues from BoA in their own music, and if you listen closely, you can hear it in the DNA of songs like "The SHINee World" and "Lachata."


These days BoA's music is a lot more chill but never straying far from her essence as a superstar. She's as equally charming as ever, and vocally still mesmerizing to listen to.

Now that she's a director at SM Entertainment, BoA is also spending her time taking everything she's learned the last two decades and applying it to groom the next generation of artists.

Below is a sweet playlist that we've put together of some of BoA's hits. From the iconic "No. 1" to memorable bops like "Hurricane Venus," BoA's musical catalog hits just about every emotion and genre trend you could think of. Enjoy our curated playlist and make sure to let us know which of BoA's singles is your favorite!

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