Introducing Our New Company Name - Fever Guys

Introducing Our New Company Name - Fever Guys

Back in 2015, we started SnackFever in Koreatown, Los Angeles as a challenge to see if we could start a company with just $500. Since then, thanks to you our Fam, we've had a blast delivering hundreds of thousands of fun and delicious Korean snack boxes to happy members all over the world. In 2018 we took the risk to move to Korea in order to expand the business. Howard had lived in the US for the last 10 years, and David (a Korean-American) and I, Jo (a Korean-Spaniard), although being Koreans, had never lived in Korea so it was a little bit scary and it felt like starting all over again. 

Although we currently only have SnackFever as our main product (and now LINE FRIENDS BOX), we're planning to launch other non-snack, non-food boxes very soon. We've found that our company name SnackFever was restricting us in a sense and hasn't kept up with where we are or where we're headed. If you've been following us on Instagram Stories, you may have noticed we've been having several important meetings with some of the big corporations in Korea. We want to grow bigger. So we've decided to change our name to something that reflects our broader mission of "inspiring and uniting the global Hallyu community by delivering happiness through amazing products from Korea" - not only through delicious snacks.

We're thrilled to introduce you to our new company name, Fever Guys. I guess we're the only Fever left after DramaFever closed down...

Fever Guys Logo

But don't worry, SnackFever will remain as it is but simply as one of the many brands under Fever Guys. You won't even notice the difference.