Interactive Cafes in Korea!

Interactive Cafes in Korea!

When travelling, people need a nice place to relax and unwind. Coffee shops can be just that, but sometimes, they can turn any ordinary afternoon coffee stop into an extraordinary experience. Korea is no stranger to specialty coffee shops, ranging from animal to even bathroom themed cafes. There are cafés that cover almost anything. If you are looking for more interactive cafes, there are plenty of places like that to go with your friends or even just by yourself!

  • Princess Diary - Dress Up 

Have the tea time of your dreams in Shin-chon at Princess Diary. After enjoying your coffee and snacks, take your time to try out a gown and dress up as a princess. You can even have a little photo shoot and live out the fantasy of being royalty. You have to reserve a time slot, so while you’re there, make the most of it because the longest you can have a reservation is one hour. The dresses range from 10,000 to 45,000 won. 

  • Giant Archery 리얼양궁카페 - Archery Cafe

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports lover or just want to try something new, head over to Hongdae where you can learn archery. Beginners and experienced archers are welcome at Giant Archery! For those new to the sport, there is an instructor to help you get that perfect shot, while having an espresso shot. Everything is indoors, so matter what the weather, you’ll be able to have fun. It is 10,000 won for thirty arrows or 15,000 won for an hour.

  • Banji Cafe - Jewellery Making 

Sometimes a handmade piece of jewellery can beat out any other gift. Try your hand at crafting a ring at the Banji Market in Hongdae. Even if you don’t know how to craft jewellery at all, there is an experienced staff that will help you along the way. While your ring is being completed in the cafe, there is a rooftop deck where you can sip on coffee until it’s done. Just the ring band prices range from 40,000 to 60,000 won, and there are extra costs included with any additions like gems or engravings. 

  • Halli Galli Alluvial Gold Mining Experience Cafe - Mining 

When you’re in Hongdae and in the need for a little adventure indoors, Halli Galli Alluvial Gold Mining Experience Cafe is just the place. You can sift through dirt to find bits and pieces of gold and diamond. Exchanges of these findings can be made to receive bigger rewards. One ticket costs roughly 17,000 won, the price includes a beverage and a bottle to hold all of your discoveries! 

  • First Class Cafe - First Class Flight Experience

Never been able to experience first class on a flight? First Class Cafe is here to help! A fifteen minute session is 7,000 won and thirty minutes is 13,000 won, no reservations needed. There are different flights around the world that you can choose from. You’ll be given a bag filled with a mask and covers. This is to cover your eyes and feet while you are in the massage chair. First Class Cafe will have you on cloud nine by the end of your session. After you can enjoy a drink and waffle, which is included with the flight session. Head over to Hongdae to get your next flight!

  • DB Story Cafe - DIY Phone Case 

When you are feeling a creative spark, DB Story Cafe in Hongdae has you covered. Create your very own phone case. There are so many case bases to choose and thousands of accessories to add on. Design whatever your heart desires, whether it be K-pop or grunge-themed, they have everything you could need. Plus, the prices aren’t that bad! The most you could be paying for is 20,000 won depending on what your pick out and it includes the case and glue that you use. 

While having a nice, aesthetically-pleasing cafe to chill at, either by yourself or with friends, is great, explore and experience interactive cafes to get more out of your time! Having not only the memories but also physical pieces or pictures is something you can look back on. Also, many of these locations are in Hongdae, so why not make a day out of cafe hopping! 

Would you want to try out any of these cafes? Which ones do you think are the most interesting?

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Written by Avery Souders 

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