Insta-worthy Attractions: The Best Places to Take Aesthetic Photos at Lotte World

Insta-worthy Attractions: The Best Places to Take Aesthetic Photos at Lotte World

Lotte World is a theme park that is very popular in South Korea. Your favorite idols go, and you can go as well! While you’re there, why not take some really cute pictures as memories and to spice up your feed? Here are some great spots in Lotte World to take aesthetic pictures!

  • The Famous Lotte World Castle at Magic Island

This blue and beige castle is a symbol of Lotte World, and is located in their Magic Island. You can take the picture while walking into the castle or visit the designated photo area. Either way, the atmosphere is so nice and the background is sure to be really pretty.

  • The Carousel in Lotte World Adventure

Another symbol of Lotte World is the classic indoor carousel in Lotte World Adventure. Whether night or morning, the carousel is still a very aesthetic place. The only difference is at night they turn on the lights. Whether it is a solo, couple, or group picture, having the carousel in the background won’t disappoint!

  • Gureolssahan Studio in Lotte World

Lotte World has a mini photo studio called Gureolssahan Studio located on the fourth floor of Lotte World Adventure. I went there on my trip to Lotte World last summer, and I can tell you firsthand, there are so many great photo opportunities. Several photo areas are prepared each with its own perk. Some are vibrant colors while others may be a little toned down. There are props and the lighting is bomb! Don’t forget to stop by Gureolssahan Studio and use their free photo areas for a guaranteed insta worthy picture!

  • Anywhere with Accessories!

With any of the hair accessories that Lotte World offers, your picture is bound to be 200% cuter so it doesn’t matter where you take it! The theme park sells adorable headbands with ears; and small clips with heart, clouds, leaves, etc. that can make your memory even more vivid. You may have even seen the Fever Guys Fam wearing some of these cute clips on our Instagram posts!

From a selfie to someone taking a picture of you, these hair accessories make everything better, especially with a fun experience associated with it. Now you have a souvenir and an amazingly awesome picture.

Have you visited Lotte World before? What were your favorite picture spots? Leave a comment and let us know!

Cover Image: Wanna One (Stone Music Entertainment)

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