GOT7 Showcases a Sleek Comeback with Mini Album 'Call My Name'

GOT7 Showcases a Sleek Comeback with Mini Album 'Call My Name'

Returning six months after their last album and a world tour, GOT7 shows fans a new sexy and sorrowful side with their latest mini album, Call My Name. The EP is composed of title track “You Calling My Name” along with five more songs in which the members all took part in creating with their fan base in mind. Although being considered a mini album, the music on the album is anything but miniature.

Making for a somewhat slow start to the album is the title track “You Calling My Name,” a song GOT7 dedicated solely to their fan base, iGOT7, also known as Ahgase. While the song gives off a sweet and thoughtful vibe, the music video that comes along with it shows a different story. A dark concept composed of the members in leather, satin or sleek outfits with minimal black, white or grey backgrounds prove that although at first glance this might be sexy to the eye, the meaning behind the song is a little more thought provoking.

You are a part of me
You and me, We are one
You’re the reason for my life
If you’re not here, I’m not here

Tailing next is “Pray.” Though it has a bouncy beat that makes you want to dance, the song talks about only feeling okay when calling their name. “Now or Never” features DJ Jonás Blue, and even after the first listen will still make your heart beat to the rhythm of the song and bring a smile to your face.

Keeping the theme of bouncy beats with thoughtful lyrics is “THURSDAY,” a cute track about the long-awaited weekend they want to spend with someone talking about their deepest secrets and how their day was late into the night. To come and switch things up is “Runaway,” a groovy bass-filled song that will have you wanting to leave behind what’s troubling you, and take off with the members.

Ending the album and straying away from the previous tracks is “Crash & Burn.” It slows things down at first, but before you know it, the beat drops and you’re met with electronic notes and powerful vocals.

Call My Name was a way for GOT7 to include Ahgase with them everywhere they go, and letting their fans know that they have the members by their side. The mini album shows how strong of a bond there is between GOT7 and Ahgase.

Will you call them by their name? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: GOT7 (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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