Flower Shower Shows Off HyunA’s Power

Flower Shower Shows Off HyunA’s Power

Back with the single FLOWER SHOWER, HyunA shows off her iconic vocals and energetic dance moves once again! Her first single to be released under her new label P-Nation has an electro-dance-based sound with heartwarming lyrics.

Featuring whistles, snaps and alternating beats, HyunA sings about her journey of self-discovery in this upbeat and experimental song: 

Flowers bloom again, just gotta let it go, OK
Can you hear me now?
I’m paving my own floral path
I’m going to shower myself with flowers

In the pre-chorus, she also throws in a mention of her hit song “Red!” This throwback was a nice nod to her previous work but it is also HyunA’s way of telling her fans that she will always come back to them: 

When spring comes, get, set, go, I bloom anew
Don’t be hasty, like seasons, everything will return
From head to toe, Hyuna is red

Everyone was anticipating this comeback as HyunA is known for her energetic flair. Her comeback has been teased since she signed to P-Nation. Her older posts show her in the dance studio of the company. 

The hype only got bigger over time! HyunA even posted the lyrics six days before the release of the song on her personal Instagram. 

Then in late October, a teaser of the music video dropped. It featured a short clip without any music. Not much was known besides the fact that it was going to be filled with amazing visuals. 

And it certainly does! The music video is a retro take on Alice in Wonderland. From the sets to the outfits, it is an explosion of flowers and colors! It is a beautiful work of art just screams HyunA. To quote Shakesspeare, “A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet,” and HyunA is the sweetest rose of all. What was your favorite part of FLOWER SHOWER? Tell us below!

Cover Image: HyunA (P-Nation)
Written by Stephanie Lemus

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