Flavor of the Week: Homerun Ball (Cream Cheese)

Flavor of the Week: Homerun Ball (Cream Cheese)

1, 2, strike! Never miss with Homerun Ball!

by: RoyalCha

This snack will hit your taste buds out of the park! Not that I know anything about sports…

Homerun Ball Cream Cheese

Homerun Ball is a delightful package full of little pastry puff snacks filled with sweet cream. The outer layer is thin and crispy, and the inner cream is sweet and smooth. The Cream Cheese flavor has a hint of soft cheesiness in the cream that’s still sweet and even more delicious than the original! If you’re a fan of cream puffs, these are definitely the snack for you! Each piece is a perfect bite-sized cream puff, and they’re great for any time of the day.

Also a PRO TIP from your SnackFever Fam: try freezing them! These puffs make a great after-dinner dessert snack when you pop them fresh out of the freezer. You should also try on top of some good ol’ ice cream. They’re the perfect topper to any flavor! So stop settling for first base with your snacks; get a HOMERUN! Homerun Ball (Cream Cheese) can be found at our SnackFever shop! 

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