EXO as Boba Tea 🥤

EXO as Boba Tea 🥤

As summer approaches many around the world, it is important to stay hydrated in this tremendous heat. A refreshing beverage that adds a bit of flavour to your summer is boba (or bubble) tea, a cooling drink that has ball-shaped “pearls” sitting at the bottom. With endless flavours to choose from, including the original milk tea, strawberry, taro, mango, and coffee; boba tea was first introduced to Taiwan in 1983 by Liu Han-Chieh, who saw the idea of adding tapioca “pearls” into the fruity drink that was sold throughout Taiwan’s cities. When speaking about its name, the word “boba” actually refers to the bubbly foam at the top of the drink after being shaken, and not the pearls at the bottom.

As boba tea has become widely-known around the world, it has gained popularity in the West, just like K-pop! Many groups have been given the spotlight from the media, getting new opportunities and increasing their fandom. For those who love to K-pop and discovering new things, EXO and boba tea are something you need to consider to have in your life. For boba tea lovers and EXO-Ls everywhere, find out which flavour the EXO members would represent in this bubbly and tasty world. Make sure to also give these flavours a try, especially on these hot summer days when you can’t get “Ko Ko Bop,” the nation’s favourite summer song out of your head!

Which Boba Tea does each EXO member represent?

  • Suho – Coffee Boba Tea

For the beloved leader of EXO, the coffee boba tea is a fitting drink! Having to make sure each member is living a healthy and happy life, giving out the endless love to EXO-L’s, travelling around the world for the groups and solo schedules. Suho is one strong and hardworking man, the energy from this coffee boba tea is sure is a great match to keep him motivated and thriving!

  • Xiumin – Honeydew Boba Tea

Xiumin, who enlisted on May 7, 2019, for the military, is truly being missed throughout the fandom.  EXO-L’s love his cheeky smile and the sweetness his whole aura. With his powerful but yet charming vocals, the honeydew boba tea is sweet just like his lovely image. Even when wearing green clothing, all it screams is honeydew!

  • Lay – Honey Boba Tea

Inspired by his single “Honey” that was released on June 14, this drink is just meant for the beloved Lay Zhang. Lay is a lovely man with a fond smile, making him a charming and sweet man like honey.

  • Baekhyun – Thai Boba Tea

Baekhyun, a man who glistens with his admirable cheeky smile, the Thai boba tea is sweetened to perfection with a burnt orange colour making it a perfect match for Baekhyun. This drink is great for those with a sweet tooth, even a greater match for those EXO-L’s who are head over heels for this kind-hearted man, giving many a small taste of Baekhyun’s sweetness.

  • Chen – Green Boba Tea

Inspired by Chen’s solo debut album April, and a Flower that gave many an introduction to the start of the new season with gorgeous ballads. Between his album, decorated with trees, and his music video for the title track “Beautiful Goodbye” being set in the middle of nature with mountains, trees and rivers surrounding him; Chen truly does radiate a down to earth vibe, making this drink ideal for the great vocal man.

  • Chanyeol – Strawberry Boba Tea

The rapper of the group delivering his raspy and deep voice when singing and rapping may give many the wrong idea. Although he has a bad boy aura, don’t be fooled when he acts the cute and clings onto his members. Being caring and gentle, many EXO-L’s describe Chanyeol as a giant baby because of his tall height and child-like personality. This drink is sweet and can be sour at times depending on the ripeness of the strawberries, just like the rapper’s duality. Of course, Chanyeol would need a large-sized drink to fit his figure.

  • D.O. – Hazelnut Boba Tea

This powerful vocal king can give many the wrong impression at first glance. Underneath his stare that can intimidate many is actually a wholesome person who cares deeply for his members and fans. D.O. has recently confirmed his enlistment date for July 1, 2019, leaving many fans and his members with heartaches. This tea is rich in taste and giving a smooth and satisfying taste. A great match for D.O.’s personality and for those looking for new flavours. Don’t be deceived by the warm brown shade of this drink, it sure will surprise you at the first sip with its pleasant taste.

  • Kai – Original Milk Tea

The original milk tea is many favourites and the most popular flavour. With an iced coffee look, this tea is not overly too sweet but also has a nice milky flavour. When comparing to Kai, the amazing dance king, the duality from the playful side to him to his serious concentrated side is a great match to the original boba tea, giving the drinker the right amount of sweetness and leaving you satisfied.  When you’re indecisive on which flavour to choose, this tea will never let you down.

  • Sehun – Taro Boba Tea

Sehun the beloved maknae of the group, is what you can consider a big gamer boy. Being a master of PUBG and League of Legends, two video games the maknae loves, you might think he spends his time playing as many adolescent gamers do. Taro has a taste of sweet potato, starchy and can be described as a sweet or a vanilla nutty flavour.  Sehun even looks great in purple, just like the colour of the taro boba tea, it truly is a match.

These drinks will surely hit the spot this summer. Which EXO-inspired boba tea flavour will you try? EXO-L’s, next time you’re out and about, grab a cool boba tea and listen to your favourite EXO playlist, the only right way to spend your summer!

Cover Image: EXO (SM Entertainment)
Written by Andrea Villarreal

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