Everything You Need To Know About 'Every Day6'

Everything You Need To Know About 'Every Day6'

Four mini albums, two full albums, three Japanese releases, and 12+ Singles released to date. In the K-pop industry, sometimes to gain a discography of this degree you may be promoting for more than five years; yet, DAY6 managed to produce, write, and release so many tracks in only three years! How did they do it?

It’s obvious to say "with hard work, drive, and dedication to their craft," and they most definitely have all of the above; but it’s because of that same drive, dedication, and hard work that the Every Day6 project was able to help them on their way to such a notable career.

One of the things the Korean music industry is known for is the short period of time between new music releases from an artist. Equipped with a new song, music video, and B-tracks of about 3-4 songs; fans could see their favorite artist releasing something new every 3-6 months as opposed to every other year. DAY6 decided to take a very new approach to this traditional practice.

Instead of releasing a track sparingly (as they did when they debuted), they promised that in 2017, they would release one title track with a music video and one B-side track every month for the entire year. In addition to these releases, would also be holding a concert to accommodate each new addition to the project. It was risky, but proved to be something special.

On January 6, 2017 the first track of the daring project, "I Wait," was released. While it didn’t peak on the Korean charts, it did reach No. 3 on the Billboard World chart. The song held the perfect amount of musical interest that kept people curious as to where the project would be going. Their position on Billboard World was safely defended with the release of the powerful rock ballad "You Were Beautiful" on February 6, 2017, which also earned them a space on the Korean charts.

In March came "How Can I Say," known amongst DAY6 fans as the sister song to "I Wait;" April brought along "I’m Serious," a cute fresh track about confessing one’s feelings, and May gave us "Dance Dance," a summer anthem all about letting go and letting yourself have fun.

In June of 2017, DAY6 released their first full-length album, Sunrise, with the title track "I Smile" and three B-track additions as opposed to the monthly single, and remixed favorites like "Letting Go" and "Congratulations" to pay homage to their humble beginnings and offer a sense of familiarity to their fans.

The album also served as a compilation of every track released in the project up to that point; and a keepsake for fans as the songs had only been released digitally up until then. Well-received, the Sunrise album sold over 30,000 copies in Korea. June also marked a very special day for the fandom because on June 7, 2017, the announcement  was made that DAY6 fans would officially be known as "MyDays."

After the release of Sunrise, DAY6 began to release their monthly singles again. The track of July was "Hi Hello," and the video was an iconic showing of the boys hitchhiking a ride with the generous Sungjin. August was the release of the feet stomping, falsetto-raising gem "What Can I Do."

"I Loved You" came to us in September, October brought us "When You Love Someone," but due to the Chuseok holiday, they released it on the 29th of September instead of the 6th of October. (With no complaints from anyone at all, an early DAY6 song is the best kind of song, right?) November brought us the tear-inducing acoustic track "All Alone."

An interesting fact about the second half of Every Day6 releases? The videos for August, September, and October all followed a bit of a high school love story for the boys which is always perfect for the back-to-school season.

With December came another studio album, Moonrise, as well as the end of the Every Day6 project (much to my personal dismay). They ended the year-long monthly releases with "I Like You," a heartfelt confession message with a huge heart-shaped balloon in the video.

Though the project had ended, the boys returned with an encore concert for fans titled The Best Moments; and  also got to walk away with the new nickname "Dependable DAY6" for the year-long efforts in providing music every month for fans.

For your reference, here’s a complete list of Every Day6 releases:

January: I Wait (title), Goodbye Winter
Febuary: You Were Beautiful (title), My Day
March: How Can I Say (title), I Would
April: I’m Serious (title), Say Wow
May: Dance Dance (title), Man In A Movie
June: I Smile (title), Lean On Me, Letting (Rebooted Ver.), Congratulations (Final Ver.), +All preciously released tracks from January to May.
July: Hi Hello (title), Be Lazy
August: I Loved You (title), I Remember
September: What Can I Do (title), Whatever!
October: When You Love Someone (title), I Need Somebody
November: All Alone (title), Pouring
December: I Like You (title), Better Better, I’ll Try, +All previously released tracks from July to November.

An entire year of releasing new music month after month and never slowing down! Dependable DAY6 was a name well-deserved, so we can’t really blame them if they forget a few lyrics every now and again, right?

Cover Image: DAY6 (JYP Entertainment)

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