Entropy: A Look into Sweet Chaos with DAY6

Entropy: A Look into Sweet Chaos with DAY6

While The Book of Us: Gravity was more lighthearted with its exploration of relationships, DAY6 is exploring its antithesis in a slightly darker concept with The Book of Us: Entropy

Entropy is defined as a slow decline into chaos, and the band’s latest single, “Sweet Chaos,” takes this theme literally with the use of reversals in the beginning of the song. Along with a rift and beat that seem to take inspiration from swing, their passion can be heard loud and clear. This song is chaotic like a storm blowing everything away. It’s powerful and akin to an unstoppable force. Much like the process of entropy, the black-and-white “Sweet Chaos” music video shifts into color halfway through, and slowly adds more effects to distort everything around the group and eventually the band members themselves.

Following infatuation and also the decline of a relationship, The Book of Us: Entropy features songs such as “Emergency” and “Deep In Love” that make the chaos sweet, both of which talking about falling in love and the need to see someone you like. “Emergency” has a sound reminiscent of disco and pop, riddled with fun wordplay while “Deep In Love” goes all in with its classic rock. These songs will make you fall in love with Entropy!

The album takes a darker turn around the fourth song with “Rescue Me” and “365247.” Both explore obsession, “Rescue Me” with a rock song that grows gradually and “365247” with an upbeat dance sound. There’s also “About Now,” a soft track that you can imagine playing at a cafe. As soft as it sounds, it’s about worrying if your partner misses you as much as you miss them. It’s a small foreshadow what is yet to come. 

Next is “OUCH,” a Latin-inspired song about not meeting your partner’s expectations. “Not Fine,” “Stop Talking,” and “Not Mine” all build off of each other and showcase what can happen during the end of a relationship. “Not Fine” is softer than the other songs the album, emphasising nostalgia. “Stop Talking” is the metaphorical breaking point of this relationship. It’s lyrics are harsher compared to the other songs on the album while “Not Mine” once again dives into the mellow side of things. 

To wrap-up the album, “Like a flowing wind,” a ballad worthy of a drama, might make you shed a couple of tears. DAY6 shows off not only their musical versatility with The Book of Us: Entropy, but also their ability to capture different moments of life genuinely. Their third full-length album captures Entropy in its fullest and is definitely worth a listen.

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Cover Image: DAY6 (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Stephanie Lemus

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