Dreamcatcher Makes Fans 'Scream' with Latest Comeback

Dreamcatcher Makes Fans 'Scream' with Latest Comeback

InSomnia, are you ready to scream? Your favorite girl group is officially back with their first full album, Dystopia: The Tree of Language.

If you're unfamiliar with the girl group, Dreamcatcher may just catch you off guard. Parting from K-pop's usual bright and bubbly style, Dreamcatcher's nightmare rock concept is unique in its genre and conception, with the seven members each representing a different nightmare and an intricate horror storyline taking place across multiple music videos.

With such a special, well-established concept, fans were more than eager to see what the group's first full album would bring — and it's safe to say they were not disappointed! Title track "Scream" marks the beginning of a new storyline for the group after their highly-successful "Nightmare" series saw its conclusion with previous single, "Deja Vu." The song's rock and electronica blend, only further widening the ample range the girls have shown themselves capable of with strong choreography and rapping to boot.

As the new storyline begins, the music video for "Scream" brings fans back to medieval witch huntings. The dark boho concept was first revealed through concept images, but it seems nothing could have prepared fans for everything this video brought to the table. The group's incredibly unique concept completely departs from whatever stereotype anyone may have had about K-pop, and remains true to the group's essence in ways no one could have seen coming.

The seven-member girl group under Dreamcatcher Company is currently promoting as six, while member Handong is finishing promotional schedules in China after her participation in the show Idol Producer was confirmed by the company. While her absence is dearly felt by all, fans of the group rejoiced when the official music video showed the title track's choreography very clearly leaves a place for the missing member.

Dystopia: The Tree of Language is composed of a total thirteen new songs plus a special track, "Paradise." The album was highly teased by the group with a variety of concept images, lyric spoilers and choreography spoilers filling up social media as InSomnias began the countdown to February 18th. Within hours of its release, the official music video has earned over 500,000 views across the group's official YouTube channel and 1theK's channel, and doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon!

Debuted in 2017, Dreamcatcher is yet to have their first music show win, but fans are hopeful the strength of "Scream" and Dystopia: The Tree of Language will change that. The group will be joining in on the current comeback rush as they participate in music and variety shows during the weeks that will compose the album's promotional period.

Have you listened to Dystopia: The Tree of Language? What do you think of Dreamcatcher's concept evolution? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Dreamcatcher (Dreamcatcher Company)
Written by Vale Papili

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