Cherry Blossom Desserts Will Be Blossoming Soon!

Cherry Blossom Desserts Will Be Blossoming Soon!

The taste of cherry blossoms will get your taste buds blossoming!

by Cari Kamja  

With the warm weather Korea has been experiencing this year, it sounds like cherry blossom season might come an entire two weeks early! That means at the end of this month, Korea will be covered in pink blossoms, and stores will start churning out amazing cherry blossom flavored treats. Just like the seasonal flowers themselves, you have to enjoy these quickly before the season ends, so eat up! Starbucks' Famous Cherry Blossom Latte This latte is only sold in certain parts of the world, mainly Korea and Japan. Each year there is a slight variation in the drink, with last year's being a strawberry cherry blossom frappuccino. Korea has not yet announced this year's drink, but it will be coming soon and we can't wait!

Cherry Blossom Bingsoo What's better than Korean shaved ice? PINK Korean shaved ice of course! This gorgeous dessert is covered in cherry blossom flavored cream with real cherry blossoms on top! It's almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Cherry Blossom Cranberry Drinking Yogurt Denmark Drinking Yogurt is popular year-round in Korea, but they offer a few seasonal flavors that fly off the shelves. Once spring comes around you can find cherry blossom yogurt in adorable pink packaging. Who wouldn't want a pink drink for breakfast?

Cherry Blossom Macarons Coming in various sizes and colors, these blossoms are tiny bites of goodness with a rich vanilla cream center. Wouldn't it be dreamy to have a picnic under the cherry blossoms with a box of these to snack on?

Cherry Blossom Rice Cakes These rice cakes look super fancy, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't chow down on them without shame! These beautiful cakes come with a real cherry blossom on top and would go perfectly with some cherry blossom tea (yes, that exists!).

Cherry Blossom Layer Cake Why is it that pink food seems so much more appetizing?  This layer cake has so many shades of pink, plus petals made from sugar sprinkled on top. Anyone born in spring? This looks like the perfect birthday cake for you.

Cherry Blossom Latte This latte isn't from Starbucks, but rather a high quality baker in Seoul.  They make the small meringue cookies from scratch and personally decorate each latte for you.  The petals are so bright and sweet, that just looking at this latte makes me feel like it's spring!

Strawberry Cherry Blossom Tea Cake This looks like something only a princess should eat; it's so elegant! The tiny petals almost look real, and the sugary layer on the outside of the cake makes the daintiest cracking sound as your fork scoops out the first bite. This is totally perfect for a spring time tea party or just for spoiling yourself one day.

Rosemary Latte with Cherry Blossom Crumbles Everything about this reminds me of a rainy spring afternoon with nothing to do. It must be so lovely to sit in a cafe in Korea sipping this latte and gazing out at the cherry blossoms. Can you tell I'm ready for spring?


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Have you ever tried anything cherry blossom flavored? What did you think? 

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