Cakes in Korea 🍰

Cakes in Korea 🍰

It’s safe to say that many people like cake. It is a universal dessert served all over the world. However, every country puts their own twists to make their cakes unique to them. Korea is no exception. While they may be known for using different styles of rice cake, Korea has some classic cakes that can be used for all occasions. It is the best dessert for parties large or small, simple or elegant. Pinterest and Instagram are chock-full of beautiful cakes from Korea. To be honest, they look too pretty to eat! So what are these other cakes you may ask? Well, here they are in all their sweet glory.

Fresh Cream Cake

Sweet cream cakes are one of the more popular styles. They are usually vanilla cakes with a light and airy white fresh cream on top. While the taste may not differ, the designs can. Instagram has hundreds of sweet cream cakes with flower piping, which can fill all your photo aesthetic needs. On the other hand, you can go for a more fun and wacky design, like Kakao characters or reaction images.

Fruit Cake

In the mood for something sugary, but “healthy” as well? Fruit cakes are just the thing. These are another version of the fresh cream cakes but are covered or filled with pieces of various fruits. It can be sweet and delicious like mango or strawberry-covered cake, or odd but yummy durian cake. The choice is yours! Since these types of cakes are more expensive, they are usually bought for more special occasion events, primarily birthdays.

Mujigae-tteok Cake

This rainbow-layered cake, mujigae-tteok, has a beautifully simple look and amazing taste. It is usually made with three to five colors used for each layer. This is a special cake that is made for occasions like a child’s first birthday or a wedding. Do not let that make you think that this is like any normal cake. Each layer has a different flavor like lemon, strawberry, or mugwort, a type of plant. If you want something special for your special someone, try making the rainbow cake!

Rolled Cake

Rolling on to next cake! This cake starts out as a thin, flat cake covered in a layer of cream. Then, it is rolled to create the final look. The cake is similar to the Japanese and Chinese versions. A favorite flavor among many people is green tea or matcha, but there are others such as chocolate, strawberry, and more. It’s a simple dessert that can be bought for just to eat at home of for little parties.

Pepero Cake

If a box of Pepero sticks isn’t enough, then why not get a cake lined with all of the sticks your heart desires. Mix and match the stick flavors and these cakes have a little more kick to them. This cake can also be great if you want to make you Pepero Day gift a little more memorable.

No matter where you are in the world, cake is cake. They come in all shapes, sizes, textures, and flavors. Next time you're in Korea, go to the nearest bakery and try a delicious cake. Not only will it taste good, it makes for a great photo-op as well.

What are some of your favorite Korean cakes? What bakeries did you find them at?

Written by Avery Souders

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