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Busan International Film Festival: You have to go!

By Ivana Yarel Jimenez Pelayo

If you are a film enthusiast then this festival is just right for you. This event is one of Asia’s biggest and most influential Film Festivals. BIFF (Busan International Film Festival)  looks to show and promote the work of promising and talented directors, mainly from Asia. They also work to introduce the public to the newest and hottest films around, no matter if they are from a recognized director or from a local that has just been discovered. This festival is for directors of all types to display their hard work on the silver screen in front of a crowd that is eager to be a witness to their masterpiece.

The festival takes place at the Busan Cinema Center, a breathtaking building with amazing architecture. It also includes various discussions and masterclasses in addition to showing films from a variety of genres and styles.

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So this festival is not only informative and interesting but it is also a fun and entertaining event that at some point also becomes an Awards Ceremony! People are rewarded with titles such as the best-feature film, the best actor/actress, and perhaps even the film that gained the most standing ovations from the crowd, or the best documentary film. However, this is not like other ceremonies where they receive a trophy made of crystal or gold. Instead, they are given money by sponsors as a way to help filmmakers with their next big projects.

So if you're visiting Korea in October or if you're already there but you didn't know about such incredible event, then you cannot miss this festival which is held annually in Haeundae-gu, Busan. Not only will the Busan Cinema Center be breathtaking but the activities and experiences you’ll be able to be apart of are an opportunity of a lifetime.

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If you want to know more about the Busan International Film Festival you can visit their official webpage here!

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