Awesome K-Pop Choreography with Props

Awesome K-Pop Choreography with Props

There are so many aspects of K-pop to like, and aside from the lyrics, visuals, and concepts; fans praise the choreography. Everyone has their favorite dances: You might like one for the members’ synchronicity or their iconic point moves. One really cool thing about choreography is the use of what they have, including props. Dancing with objects, such as chairs and fans, takes moves to new levels!  Check out a selection of cool K-pop choreo that uses props to stand out from the rest!

B1A4 – Lonely

This soft song uses scarves as props, beginning with the group tying scarves around their necks in a move that's repeated during the second chorus. While a lot of the choreography doesn’t involve B1A4, they do make for some amazing moments as the whole dance is filled with simple, sweet, and memorable moves; perfect to fit the vibe of the song!

Shinhwa – Wild Eyes

First generation idol group Shinhwa's song "Wild Eyes" was released in 2001, and has made its mark on the industry. Using chairs, it’s an iconic choreography covered by many artists like SEVENTEEN, B.A.P, and Up10tion. Though it's a simpler dance, it has some distinct moves, most of it being spent sitting or standing on the chairs.

Brave Girls – Rollin’

Brave Girls is known for having a bit of a sexier concept, and this song wasn’t any different. It received a 19+ rating for that reason and a new version with a different instrumental, though the original was amazing in every way. The dance, which was released a year later, used stools that they sat and stood on in heels. There are many distinct moves in the choreography and the song still had support internationally.

VIXX – Shangri-La

"Shangri-La" is well-known for its use of hand fans it its choreography. VIXX has always been very unique with their concepts and this track is no different. The dance is very elegant and the use of the fans, whether to hide their faces or to make formations, was well-executed. It really adds to the vibe of the song bringing each member together in a great synchronisation. 


Carats were bursting with excitement when it was announced that the Chinese members of SEVENTEEN, Jun and The8, would have their own song on an album! Everything about this song lives up to the hype. The choreography included mirrored moves while also showcasing some really impressive solo dances. The dance tells a story, the pair representing Yin and Yang, and the rope around their wrists represents the red string of fate that is said to connect soulmates. Everything about the lyrics and the dance ties together, and it is so mesmerizing!

After School – First Love

"First Love" had a very unique concept, making use of poles and pole dancing, and the choreography quickly caught everyone’s eye. It caused quite an uproar because pole dancing isn’t typically seen as innocent. The members took extra time preparing for this comeback as it is a very demanding art to learn, and a few of the ladies suffered injuries before and during their promotions. Despite everything that had happened in this time, they pulled off their performances well and made a very different and special choreography.

Gain – Bloom

This second generation girl group idol and soloist really made a mark with this provocative yet innocent song. Aside from that, the choreography revolves around a table and a chair. Whether it’s her sitting on one of them or her dance partners, or her on a chair on top of the table, it all goes back to the props. It is very fun while still connecting to the meaning of the song. 

Sistar – I Like That

The queens of summer took over with this song and well-done choreography, using curtains all-throughout and even as skirts during most of the song. They incorporate the props very well, and have many iconic moves. The connections between Sistar, their dancers, and the curtains tells a story with the lyrics that's so nice to watch.

Sunmi – Full Moon

All through her career, whether as a soloist or in Wonder Girls, Sunmi has used all sorts of props with her well-known dances. As a solo singer, she herself has simple yet iconic moves, using objects like tables and chairs and couches to accompany her and her dancers. In "Full Moon," most of the dance is spent with her on her couch doing her moves. Towards the end, she walks along the back and then lays upside down on it. Something about it all is powerful.

SHINee – Dream Girl

Unlike most songs that use microphone stands as a prop, SHINee incorporates them into the moves to make this choreography memorable. They bring the stands around with them to dance, and it’s all very well-coordinated, especially when they jump over the stands. Overall, it’s just really fun and cool!

K-pop choreography is always so amazing and unique, telling a story and adding a little extra something to a song. There are so many more dances using props of all kinds. No matter your favorite artist, they all have such cool dances and their own way to stand out! What is your favorite dance using an object?

Cover Image: Jun & The8 of SEVENTEEN (Pledis Entertainment)
Written by Chey Olexa

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