7 Eye-Catching Korean Food Spreads

7 Eye-Catching Korean Food Spreads

When thinking of food, what you’re craving is likely already satisfactory in taste. Even so, many of us may find ourselves looking for new recipes, finding new restaurants to explore, or simply just drooling over food we see throughout social media. One thing that simply makes that item look more appetizing is the aesthetic.

Whether it’s the photo angle, the way the food is set up, the silverware used, or just the cleanliness and neatness of the particular picture, this will most likely tempt the ones behind the screen to discover and want to devour that certain meal or snack. Here are seven aesthetically-pleasing Korean food spreads from Instagram! 

This variety of gimbap is arranged perfectly, making this very pleasing to one’s eye and stomach.

Bulgogi is a favorite among many, especially with side dishes. The warmth and calm of this spread adds to the craving of meat. 

A warm meal just gives off the well-known ‘power nap’ vibe after dinner. Ramyun followed with Spam, fried eggs, brown rice, and kimchi makes for a truly fulfilling meal. 

A meal for two? We say yes! Matching silverware makes a meal feel a bit more like home. Different side dishes in the middle for two to share, gives this spread a ‘date night’ like feeling. Pork cutlet with curry for us, please! 

Going out with friends? Nothing sounds better than grabbing some K-BBQ! Filled with laughter, smokey BBQ goodness, and glasses of beer; being surrounded with the ones you care about and delicious food is a night to remember! Remember to keep your eye on the grill, burnt meat could kill the mood.

The paper plates, to-go style of cooking, and the people surrounding the food could give many the memory of being younger and gathered with old friends, eating and laughing. A simple and easy lifestyle. 

Primarily composed of veggies, this absolute colorful and cheerful dish arranged by color has an aesthetic rainbow pattern with a bit of meat and noodles to top in the center. 

After looking at these spreads, you’re sure to be inspired to make these dishes soon! Before taking the first bite, make sure to grab a camera, get that set up looking perfect, and snap a picture for others to join the drooling event. 

Written by Andrea Villarreal

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