5 Rising Webtoons to Add to Your TBR List

5 Rising Webtoons to Add to Your TBR List

Over the past couple of years, webtoons have risen to popularity with comics such as True Beauty, which garnered 3.6 million readers and over 16 million likes; and the hilarious Lookism that has 1.2 million readers and a rating of 9.82 on WEBTOON. With more stories popping up and rising to the top of the charts, here are a couple of new ones that you should check out whether you’re a newbie or an avid webtoon reader. 

Devil Number 4 

A deal with the devil? More like the devil needs you. This webtoon has won over the hearts of romance readers in only a year. A devil giving a girl a wish, only for her not to have any. Hanna Yoon really is a match for this Devil and their journey into falling love isn’t easy but it’s enjoyable! 

Ghost Teller 

Warning: Ghost Teller isn’t for the faint of heart since it explores the darkness in humanity. Ghosts aren’t scary, humanity is the real threat. In this webtoon, it’s the ghosts that tell the ghost stories — literally. Join a group of ghosts as they spin morbid tales that leave you with philosophical questions and sometimes slight shock. 

Choco Latte

If you like heartwarming romance webtoons, then this comic is right up your alley! Choco Latte follows the story of Kyle and Lilly in their journey into falling in love. The comic doesn’t have a dialogue; instead, it relies only on the visuals. This leaves the reader to fill up the gaps, which creates a unique experience. As the creator puts it, "Choco Latte is for those who believe less is more and silence can be golden."

Spirit Fingers 

With a rating of 9.90, which is nearly perfect, this slice-of-life comedy will leave you in tears of joy as well as pain because of the angst. Spirit Fingers is about a young girl who joins an art club filled with quirky characters as she’s growing up and figuring out who she really is. It’s heartwarming, zany, and hilarious. All you want in a webtoon!

A Good Day to Be a Dog 

This drama is also filled with comedy. Hana has never had a proper relationship because she doesn’t kiss and when she finally does kiss someone, let’s say the situation gets hairy. Her first kiss turns her into a dog and she can’t turn back unless she gets a second one. A little angst, a lot of love, and the perfect binge-read! 

We hope you keep an eye on these comics whether you’re a fan of romance, fantasy, comedy or all the above. They may become your next favorite! 

Are you a fan of webtoons? If you’ve read any of these, let us know your favorite in the comments below. If not, tell us which ones we should check out next! 

Cover Image: Devil Number 4 
Written byStephanie Lemus

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