Temporary Cancellation of SnackFever Original Box and European subscriptions

Dear SnackFever Fam,

I hope you're all well and safe. As many of you, these past few months have been challenging for us. Back in March, the whole world's postal system unexpectedly stopped operations. We didn't want to let anyone down, so we chose a different but more expensive courier service, DHL, to ship your boxes. The problem with DHL is that many countries' customs offices (except the US) started charging exorbitant amount in customs fees, mostly at random, taking advantage of the pandemic situation. The post office did resume operations but just to five countries (US, UK, Germany, Canada, Russia) in July. BUT, they raised the shipping fees by 50%. We are still unsure when they will resume operations to the rest of the world.

We have no other option but to cancel all the SnackFever Original Box subscriptions, and every subscription to Europe (except UK, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Estonia, Denmark, and Sweden) and Asia (except Japan). If you still have any boxes remaining in your plan, we will refund on a pro-rata basis by the first week of August, 2020.

We thank you for understanding and apologize for any inconvenience. We hope you stay safe and healthy.




Team Daebak

Daebak Box

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