Injeolmi Brings Together Old and New Korean Tastes

Injeolmi Brings Together Old and New Korean Tastes

Injeolmi isn't just an old-school traditional Korean treat anymore.

Koreans have always loved this popular tteok (rice cake) for a long time - hundreds of years, in fact. It's often seen at special events, like birthdays and weddings, and you'll hear ahjummas talk about how nutritional it is. But you might be thinking, what could be so special about a chunk of rice cake? Take our word for it: Injeolmi has evolved to become a modern Korean delicacy, while still keeping its classic identity!


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injeolmi_howard1 Note: SnackFever heartthrob "Hotward" Howard will unfortunately not be in the box.  So what exactly is injeolmi? It's tteok made from glutinous rice/mochi, and it flavor is determined by the type of coating. The most popular is the tan-colored injeolmi with soybean powder. When you bite into a piece, it's not too sweet - the powder gives it a nice, delicate, slightly roasted sweetness! injeolmji_colors Other coatings include pat (red bean, or 팥) and roasted sesame seeds. As we mentioned above, injeolmi has evolved into a number of delicious and beautiful desserts and treats. Check some of them out below!

Injeolmi Bing-soo (shaved ice)

injeolmi_bingsoo1 Café Sulbing (aka Sul & Beans in Koreatown, Los Angeles) brought over their famous injeolmi bingsoo from Korea, which features soft shaved ice with layers of injeolmi power. Dribble a bit of condensed milk over it, and it's sweet, refreshing, and absolutely delicious -- especially on a hot day! injeolmi_bingsoo_toast Sulbing is also known for their injeolmi toast, and it's just as good as it sounds: Two slices of toasted bread with a mochi filling and covered with injeolmi powder. Yup, it's amazing!

Injeolmi Ice Balls

injeolmi_iceballs These amazing creations are found at Sobok Café in Korea. If someone could deliver a box of these in refrigerated packaging to the SnackFever office, we'd love you forever.

Injeolmi Macarons

Uh. Yes please. Check out this recipe by Busy Spatula to make your own! You can also check out the video by Hanse below. ~~ snackfevercom

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