The Most Beautiful Flower Snacks from Korea

Florally Fabulous Foods from Korea 🌼

You can't get enough flowers, flowers, and more flowers this spring! Flowers on your plate, flowers on your windowsill soaking in warm sunlight, and flowers in your garden are all in full bloom.

Nowadays, many edible flowers, flower snacks, and flower themed snacks are available. When in Korea, you can grab these beautifully crafted Korean snacks!

The Most Beautiful Flower Snacks from Korea

Certain Korean pastries and beverages bear the term hwa (화), which means "flower," in their titles. Some people cook with flowers, while others create flower themed snacks or flower snacks. 

'What looks good, tastes delicious' (보기 좋은 떡이 먹기도 좋다) is a proverb from the Korean language that is widely used in Korean cooking. 

Have you ever considered having breakfast with flowers? 

The most attractive Korean meals are made and decorated with edible flowers used in some desserts and beverages.

Hwajeon (화전)

Hwajeon, also called "flower cake," lives up to its name. The tiny pan-fried rice cake is made of glutinous rice flour, honey, and edible flower petals from the appropriate season, such as azalea, violet, cherry blossom, and rhododendron in the spring, rose petals in the summer, chrysanthemums in the fall.

The little flower snack cake is covered in flowers, which are then piled on it and fried in sesame oil. Hwajeon is a wonderful delicacy that goes well with marinated meat because it leaves a fresh taste in your mouth.

Hwachae (화채)

Traditional Korean punches fashioned from a variety of fruits or edible flower petals are referred to as hwachae.

Prior to serving, the punch is frequently topped with pine nuts.
Having a drink to go with the rice cakes is excellent after you've cooked hwajeon.Remaining azalea flowers, omija berries, mung bean starch, and honey combine to form a delightful punch.

Of course, there are various types of flowery punches that you can make to add to your meals. Bae-hwachae (배화채) or “pear punch,” made in autumn with honeyed magnolia berry juice (omija) and flower-shaped Korean pear, and sagwa-hwachae, made the same way only with flower-shaped apples.

To make a true flowery punch, you can also add actual flower petals. Some of those include rose petals (jangmi-hwachae – “rose punch”), Korean rhododendron petals (jindallae-hwachae – “rhododendron punch”) and water-shield leaves (sunchae-hwachae – “water-shield punch”).

Flower Sanbyeong (꽃산병)

Round and sticky, this rice cake has a sweet red bean filling and a lovely impression on it.

The flower snack cakes are manufactured using a wooden mold with a desired pattern; each mark has a distinct meaning.

Because it is formed like a wheel, the entire year will be trouble-free.
The peony-shaped design symbolizes wealth and success.

The lotus symbolizes blessings, and chrysanthemums stand for longevity.
The finished, vibrant rice cakes are adorned with tiny flourishes to enhance their festive charm.

A lovely, delicate creation of nature is flowers. In Korean culture, flowers have long been utilized as a decorative element or a healthy supplement to food. Throughout many different art forms, including traditional and contemporary Korean food, floral patterns have been and continue to be used as inspiration.

Have you ever tried any of these flower themed snacks, flower snacks, foods, or drinks? If not, which one would you be most excited to try? Comment below and share with us!

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Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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