It's Time to G-G-G-G-G-G-GONGGI!!
I challenge you to a duel...of Gonggi! by RoyalCha This month is full of family activities and fun! In South Korea, Children's Day is annually held on May 5th, and Parents' Day is celebrated on May 8th. Going with this...
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MukBlog: WINNER's Jinwoo & Tayo Bus Cracker
Beep beep! Jinwoo is taking the bus to Flavor Town! by RoyalCha Though this bus won’t help Jinwoo get from one place to another without getting lost, it’ll at least make sure his stomach isn’t EMPTY or REALLY REALLY hungry....
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MukBlog: BTS & Potato Noodle Soup ?
They may be bulletproof, but they sure as heck ain’t hungerproof! by RoyalCha  I’m back again with the boys of BTS! It seems a lot of international ARMYs are curious about what they’re eating. There’s no clear picture of them...
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