MukBlog: Monsta X & Puffed Rice Crackers
A long and snackalicious Korean tradition: puffed rice crackers! by RoyalCha Here's a MukBlog snack find that maybe isn't so well known; puffed rice crackers, aka "ppeong twigi" (뻥튀기). Ppeong twigi can be puffed rice, or other types of grain,...
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MukBlog: SEVENTEEN's Wonwoo & Yogurt Jelly
Say the name; YOGURT JELLY! by RoyalCha One of our interns brought us these pics, asking about what Seventeen’s Wonwoo was seen merrily eating at one of their fan sign events! Image Source: Raffine_WW on Twitter This particular snack is...
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Daebak Box

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