Starbucks Korea Goes All Out for Cherry Blossom Season

Starbucks Korea Goes All Out for Cherry Blossom Season

Dear Starbucks Korea: Please share the 🌸 cherry blossoms 🌸 with us!

The beginning of spring means it's also cherry blossom (벚꽃, pronounced beot-kkotseason in Korea! Every year, Starbucks Korea goes all out to celebrate...and we mean all out. cherry_blossom7 

They roll out an entirely new lineup of drinks, beginning with the above cherry blossom latte and white chocolate (both of which come hot or iced), plus the ones below: cherry_blossom_cream_frapp

Cherry Blossom Frappuccino.  cb_hot_choco

Cherry blossom hot chocolate (also comes iced).  The drinks also come in these lovely cups that are too nice to toss after just one drink. cherry_blossom3

Image via NextDaily


Don't these look great? Too bad they're only available in Korea...😭 Sneeze2

Some of our friends in Korea said the drinks were a mixed bag in terms of how good they taste. But they're still pretty, right? 😝 Starbucks also didn't pull any stops with the cherry blossom merchandise. There are mugs, tumblers, cold cups, and even pens, tote bags, and umbrellas. Cherry-blossom everything, essentially. cherry_blossom_merch



Image via Naver


Petals and journal not included. Image via Naver




Images via Naver

Starbucks also uploaded a 360-degree video showcasing just how wonderful Koreans have it while enjoying their drinks. You can look around while viewing this video on your smartphone or VR headset, or click and drag the screen when viewing on a computer.

Thanks Starbucks for not sharing. All we can do is watch in envy. 😒 ~~


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