Sea These Top Seafood Snacks!

Sea These Top Seafood Snacks!

What is better than hanging out with friends over a glass of beer and some snacks? That's right! A glass of beer and seafood is a match made in heaven! We do not all live by the sea and fresh fish is not always available, but that is why Korea has come up with these awesome seafood snacks that can take your taste receptors on a trip by the seaside anytime and satisfy your craving! Let us sea 🌊 some of them.


This crispy cracker form of fresh fish, cooked with just a little bit of sesame sauce, will amaze you with its shape and taste. In the shape of a big flat chip, each piece of grilled fish has a hint of sweetness that will leave you with a savory aftertaste in your mouth.

Is your mouth watering already? Wait for the next suggestion!


새우(sae-u) means shrimp and 새우깡 is a classic among the Korean snacks! It was a popular snack in the eighties and it still is one today! The crispy rolls have an intense shrimp smell that may not be for everyone at first, but once you give it a chance, it is so addicting that the package will empty itself so quickly and you will be digging for more!


김(kim), or seaweed, is a snack to have with your bowl of fried rice or some meat, but to be honest, it is just as good on its own! This salty ocean’s chip has just the right amount of crispiness to satisfy one’s snack craving without feeling guilty for eating too unhealthy.


This might sound a little bit outlandish, but dried squid (해 오징어) is actually a very delicious beer-friendly snack, similar to the Western beef jerky. Take a new step in food travel and introduce your taste buds to this chewy and salty snack. It might take some time getting used to, but you will be hooked after the first bite, promise!


These biscuits, shaped like all kinds of fishes, are the perfect small and quick pack of snacks to munch on. Seasoned with spices, they are fun and especially popular among kids for their entertaining outlook. When it comes to Korean snacks, the spicier the better and the Korebap fish crackers have all types of flavors—from tteokbokki to fried spicy!

South Korea seems to love seafood snacks as the list is endless but our time here is limited. So, whenever you go for a picnic by the Hangang River, make sure to grab one on the go, enjoy it with a cold beverage and good company and sea 🌊 for yourself how delicious they really are!

Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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