NCT 127's Neo City Food Tour 2019 🍕

NCT 127's Neo City Food Tour 2019 🍕

If there was anything that we learned about NCT 127 while they were on their Neo City The Origin Tour it was that the group is keen on finding great food wherever possible. It was as much of a treat to fans following the group across North America as it probably was for them throwing down to some of the most iconic regional foods across the US.

From Southern soul food to heaps of sweets, NCT 127 didn't shy away from fan recommendations on what they should try in their home states. Fortunately, it was all documented on social media for us to vicariously salivate over. Let's take a minute to revisit some of those finer moments on our very own Food Tour: The NCT 127 edition!

We covered NCT 127's extensive tour across New York in a previous post, which you can find here and here, so we'll kick things off with what they had in Atlanta, Georgia.

There, Doyoung and Jungwoo went on an adorable date to the famous Atlanta Aquarium, where they gazed up in awe at a whale shark, followed by dinner at South City Kitchen in northeast Atlanta. On the menu was Southern comfort food at its finest: pork chops and, of course, the classic side of grits. Doyoung couldn't decide on his favorite dish, expressing how widely delicious each tasted to him.

In Miami, Florida, Jungwoo and Johnny explored foods with a little more of a South American twist. At Wyndwood Walls, the two had strawberry ice pops known locally as paletas. Later, after stopping by a Ray-Bans store to pick up some shades, the guys experienced the Peruvian dish of spicy cream chicken known as Ají de Gallina, and fresh ceviche. "Turn up!" Jungwoo exclaimed immediately after tasting his food, which is likely code for "this food is incredible."

In Dallas, Haechan and Mark stopped by the restaurant Smokey Rose and did the appropriate thing to do in the Lone Star state: eat chicken fried steak. Additionally, they ordered Texas BBQ brisket and chicken wings, because you really have to go big or go home in Texas.

At the end of their meal, Mark asked the waiter to pick between three credit cards randomly—either Mark, Haechan or their manager's card—with which they would use to pay. The waiter swiftly plucked Mark's card from the three, to which Mark reacted: "Wait, I don't think that was the right one." Better luck next time, buddy.

Another Texas staple that Haechan and Mark tried was tex-mex, which could be described as Texan versions of Mexican dishes. Haechan ate fajitas while Mark tried enchiladas with refried beans and fried rice.

Meanwhile, Taeyong and Jaehyun swept through a Dallas Walgreens where they scooped up what appeared to be canned Starbucks and Arizona tea. The latter runs for about 99 cents, so that was a good choice to go with.

Like in Miami, Taeyong and Yuta tried paletas in Phoenix, Arizona. Taeyong's was pineapple and chili flavored, an unusual combination he hadn't tasted before, while Yuta kept it a little more sweet with cinnamon.

The group finished off the US leg of their tour in California. One notable food moment was when Taeyong and Doyoung walked through Pier 39 in San Francisco. The duo explored gift shops and scooped up various souvenirs, but what stood out was the number of sweets that were devoured in the process. Taeyong did the most damage at Chocolate Heaven, a candy store on the pier. Marshmallows, truffles, and toffee. They bought all of it and ate everything immediately.

What foods would you recommend NCT 127 try if they ever swung by your neck of the woods? Let us know below!

Cover Image: NCT 127 (SM Entertainment)
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