The GOT7 Mark Meal!

The GOT7 Mark Meal!

Ever wonder what snack combos your favorite idols like to eat? Mark from GOT7 has the recipe for you!

What Is The Mark Meal?

The Mark Meal is a delicious sausage and cheese rabokki dish named after the rapper, Mark Tuan, from GOT7. It was created as a result of a competition by the Giant Spicy Rice Cake company, in which those who wanted to enter would submit a recipe using the company’s rice cakes. The winning contestant, being a fan of GOT7 and Mark in particular, named her prize-worthy dish the “Mark Meal.” Since then, this recipe has been notorious amongst the K-pop and snacking community due to its deliciousness, simplicity, and affordable price.

What Does Mark Think About It?

Despite not creating the recipe, Mark himself is shown to be quite the fan of the simple recipe. In fact, he’s even made it various times for different variety shows that he’s guested on, including Running Man and Weekly Idol. As a result of all of his recreations of the recipe, it’s safe to say that Mark is a pretty big fan of the meal that shares his name.

What’s It Made Out Of?

While it may just seem like a regular sausage and cheese rabokki, the Mark Meal is special because it calls for ingredients that can be found in any Korean convenience store: prepackaged sausage, mozzarella string cheese, instant tteokbokki, and instant spaghetti ramen. You heard that right, spaghetti ramen. This special sweet and savory ramen gives the Mark Meal a unique flavor when combined with the tteokbokki and other ingredients. While it may seem simple, it’s the meal’s simplicity that makes it so appealing.

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How Do You Make It?


  • 1 Package of Instant Tteokbokki
  • 1 Package of Instant Spaghetti Ramen
  • 1 Pre-Packaged Sausage
  • 1 Mozzarella Cheese Stick


  • Add hot water to both your instant tteokbokki and your instant spaghetti ramen. Heat up the tteokbokki with its sauce, but do not add in the instant spaghetti ramen’s sauce and seasonings yet.
  • Microwave the instant tteokbokki for 4 minutes.
  • Once it is finished cooking, pour the water out of the spaghetti ramen.
  • Empty the instant spaghetti ramen into the tteokbokki container.
  • Add in the spaghetti ramen’s sauce and seasonings and mix it up!
  • Cut and add in both your sausages and cheese.
  • Heat the almost-finished meal in the microwave for 1 minute.
  • Enjoy your very own Mark Meal!

Despite living very different lives from their fans, idols can enjoy the same K-snacks that their audience does, and Mark and his meal are a perfect example of this! The simple savory flavors of the Mark Meal have grown to appeal to both him and his fans!

What do you think? Have you tried it before?

In 2019, Mark fans in Korea came up with a hotter version of Mark Meal with the newest version of fire noodles. Check it out here in Mark Meal: 2019 Version!

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