Korean Snacks for Your Korean Dramas

Korean Snacks for Your Korean Dramas

We live in a time and age that requires us to hustle all the time. Waking up in the morning only to charge through the day can be both suffocating and taxing. Nine-to-five jobs undoubtedly have their own perks, but they sure are demanding!

We can unanimously agree on the fact that winding down with a K-drama is one of the best ways to deal with this hectic lifestyle. Switching on Netflix to find your favorite Korean actor woo his love interest is an indescribable feeling. What we need to complete this perfect picture is the right snack to munch on.

Do not fret because we, at SnackFever, are here to help you relax by giving you a short list of Korean snacks for your K-drama marathon!

  • Ramen

This popular Korean snack is there for your cravings at all times of the day! Ramen (pronounced as ‘ramyeon’ in Korean) is one among many noodle dishes Korea has to offer. This one is probably the easiest to find! Every little convenience store in Korea is stocked up on these little packets of happiness.

Found in multiple flavors including kimchi, chicken, beef, and seafood; ramen is a well-loved (and eaten) Korean snack.

It’s easy to eat and easier to make! Add the noodles to boiling water and the spices and you’re good to go! You can spice up things a bit by adding an egg but either way, this Korean snack is perfect for your late night cravings.

  • Pepero

This chocolate goodness will create the perfect setting for your K-drama adventures!

In appreciation for the love for Pepero, Korea has taken one step further and honored a day just for this snack! Pepero Day, celebrated on November 11 every year, involves the exchange of Pepero between loved ones.

Dipped in rich chocolate, this cookie stick manufactured by Lotte Confectionery also comes in multiple favors. One of my favorites is the chocolate-coated with almond flavor so if you come across that one, do give it a try!

  • Bungeo-ppang

Fish bread (known as bungeo-ppang “붕어빵” in Korea) might not give off the best first impression, but this fish-shaped bread will warm your insides like nothing else! Made with wheat flour, milk, eggs (and lots of love), this pastry is filled with sweetened red bean paste.

Bungeo-ppang serves as a mark of nostalgia in Korea which was introduced in the 1930s and became popular by the 1990s.

This Korean snack is similar to the Japanese taiyaki (baked seam bream) and is usually eaten during winters. Nonetheless, if you are having a craving for this snack during the hot summer months you are lucky because the recipe of the original bungeo-ppang is slightly changed for the weather. Substituting the sweet red bean filling for ice cream, your summer cravings will be well taken care of!

If you haven’t tried out this snack yet and are confused about it, be brave and give this one a try. It won’t disappoint you!

  • Choco Pie

Imagine the softest cake dipped in rich chocolate with marshmallow filling and you get this little masterpiece. This one is absolutely irresistible!

There are several variations of Choco Pie available all around the world. It originated back in 1917 in United States, but gained popularity in Korea in 1979 when Lotte Confectionery introduced one of the many variations after a member of Tongyang Confectionery visited Georgia, and got inspired by the version available in United States.  

Today, it is available all around the world and is well-loved! This snack cake will satisfy your sweet cravings like nothing else. You get the best of both worlds; the soft cake and the rich chocolate. Don’t pass on this one!

  • Honey Butter Chips

Who doesn’t love munching on a good packet of chips while binge-watching dramas? Korea has its very own signature chip. Packaged in yellow bags, Honey Butter Chips is one of the most popular snacks enjoyed by many!

Rightly living up to its name, this one combines all the flavors of sweet, salty and buttery goodness! Formally called “Happiness Butter Potato Chips,” its popularity skyrocketed during the last quarter of 2014. Many were taking to social media posting pictures with Honey Butter Chips, which ultimately led to this snack being sold three or four times the original price!

  • Homerun Ball

Although this snack is originally meant for kids, it is enjoyed by people of all ages, and for a good reason!

Homerun Ball has been around since the 1980s in Korea. Many have grown up eating this chocolate snack and have fond memories attached to them. Originally a finger snack with a sweet filling of chocolate and nuts and a crisp covering, Homerun Ball presents to us a unique twist to what we know of chocolate.

This snack also comes with its very own mascot—a batting boy in the corner. Although the packaging has undergone a cooler upgrade since the eighties, the essence of Homerun Ball is carefully preserved through the generations!

This fun little snack is bound to either refresh some forgotten memories or create new ones. Either ways do give it a try. For all you know, you might run into Park Jinyoung of GOT7, a strong enthusiast of this snack, on your way to the convenience store!

This was a short list of unique snacks Korea has to offer which you can enjoy without breaking the bank!

Tell us your favourite!

Cover Image: Shin Min-a & So Ji-sub in Oh My Venus (KBS2)
Written by Sayantani Banerjee

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