[COLLEGE HACKS] 5 Ways To Make Ramyun (Ramen) Taste Better

[COLLEGE HACKS] 5 Ways To Make Ramyun (Ramen) Taste Better

Ramyun: chewy, savory, and tasty. by taylor "teapi" tran So since my last post about Easy College Recipes, I've truly mastered the art of making something out of nothing in the kitchen. I've been keeping busy, and as a result, I've been turning to the easy-to-make and quick comfort food at the end of the day: Ramyun (Ramen). The instant noodle packages are a staple in college life, and dressing it up can turn a simple meal into a satisfying dinner. If you're lacking in time and budget like I am, here are some simple things I've been adding to my Ramyun that have made it taste 1,000 times better. Chewy, savory, and tasty.     

1. Cheese ramen Cheese makes the broth creamy and more flavorful. It adds a nice buttery taste as well. There aren't many words that describe the goodness that is cheese really accurately, so you'd have to try this one out yourself to truly understand!!     

2. Roasted Seaweed seaweed Roasted seaweed adds crunch and a seafood flavor to your ramyun. It goes along perfectly with a bite of noodles and broth. Mmmm.     

3. Kimchi kimchi A classic dish, Kimchi adds a crunch as well as a spicy, acidic, and tangy flavor. It makes the meal more hearty.

     4. Soft Boiled Egg


Another tried-and-true classic, a soft boiled egg gives ramyun more dimension. The runny yolk will make the broth thick and savory!      5. Leafy Greens If you're a fan of green onions, you NEED green onions in your ramyun, if you don't do so already. You can also try adding anything from lettuce, spinach, or bok choy! They make the instant noodles healthier, add a crunch, and a light, sweet taste. bok choy In the end, your Ramyun will look so much more mouthwatering: Yum. final ramen  

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