5 Ways BTS Breaks The Rules

5 Ways BTS Breaks The Rules
I'm impressed. They're not your average K-pop boy band: they've only been active for three years, but they're revolutionizing the K-pop scene.

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by taylor tran

1 . K-pop idols usually keep a squeaky clean image, so many groups don't stray from releasing songs about love, partying, and fun. BTS, however, sing and rap about subjects that aren't considered "safe," such as bullying, their route to success, societal norms, and loneliness. The music videos that accompanied their 2015 releases of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Parts 1 and 2, sparked a lot of talk, as fans tried to piece together and figure out the messages in their videos. Leader Rap Monster even demonstrated his support for the LGBT community through a tweet praising American rapper Macklemore's song, "Same Love."

2. K-pop idols also usually don't write their own songs. However, BTS is known for being very involved in the production process and write a good portion of their own lyrics. Rappers SUGA and Rap Monster have been writing their own portions since the beginning, and they have said in interviews that the other members have really warmed up to providing their own content as well. 3. Many hip hop K-pop groups don't take the time to learn about the genre's roots, as Korea is far from the places of hip hop's origins. Many groups do indeed study about hip hop culture and rappers, but BTS went a step further and traveled to L.A. to learn about hip-hop from iconic '90s rappers, including Coolio and Warren G. The experience was documented in their program, BTS American Hustle Life. Although they just scratched the surface, it marked a step forward in K-pop's authenticity. You can watch the first episode here. 4. Only a short time after their debut, BTS has managed to achieve rankings in the US that most other K-pop groups have not broken into yet. After releasing their compilation album earlier this year (2016), Young Forever, they became only the second K-pop act to have two consecutive releases land in the Billboard Top 200. They also controlled the top 3 songs in the World Digital Charts, becoming the first K-pop act to do so. 5. They achieved quick success despite not belonging to a top tier label. BTS is signed to Big Hit Entertainment, which is not considered in the same rank as top labels such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, or JYP Entertainment. However, despite this, they have still achieved major success. We are all rooting for you, BTS! bts big hit entertainment BTS will be headlining KCONLA, and the SnackFever team will be there! Come stop by our booth for some goodies (the best Korean snacks), or come prepared and subscribe to have your snacks ready for KCON :) See you there! ~~ snackfevercom

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