This South Korean Artist is Redefining Illusion Art

This South Korean Artist is Redefining Illusion Art
This scares me. But I can't stop looking at it. by taylor "teapi" tran I am all sorts of confused. Dain Yoon, an art student based in Seoul, South Korea, is gaining recognition for her mind-boggling illusion art. Her work is fascinating, captivating, and baffling ... all at the same time. You might catch yourself staring at the stunning visuals on her face for a long time, trying to decipher what's real and what's art. Her specialty seems to be blending her face and her hands together.
  But her talent extends far beyond that. She also comes up with inventive concepts of partially blending into her surroundings.
Here are the behind-the-scenes from that piece:
She has even combined the two concepts to make this amazing piece.
She paints on other parts of the body, too.
Not only is she an brilliant artist, but she also has a killer sense of fashion and even models!
If I had her talent, I'd be kissing myself too.
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