Got Dough?: Sweet and Savory Korean Breads

Got Dough?: Sweet and Savory Korean Breads

When many think of bread, the first that comes to mind is bread for sandwiches or other buns that are commonly used. Korea gives many breaded options from sweet to salty or even both in one! With the seemingly endless amount of street vendors and bakeries in Korea, it is your destiny to try one of these popular pastries and snacks.

For those with an unsatisfied sweet tooth, these pastries are sure enough to hit the spot:

  • Kkwabaegi (꽈배기)

Doughnuts are well-known around the world for many, but these doughnuts are the heart for many in Korea, especially as a snack for children returning from school. Kkwabaegi are twisted doughnuts coated with sugar and cinnamon. Made from braided wheat or glutinous rice flour and then deep fried in oil, they have a fluffy and spongy feel, making it easy to eat.

  • Hotteok (호떡)

The Korean pancake, hotteok, is said to have originated from Chinese merchants who immigrated to Korea in the 19th century. The dough is made from flour, water, milk, sugar and yeast; then shaped into handful-sized balls, filled with a sugary syrup, and finally pressed into a flat pancake frying them to perfection, making this pancake chewy and crispy. For better enjoyment, make sure to try this pastry in the winter!

  • Sora Bread (소라 빵)

This pastry is in the shape of a conch shell with chocolate or mocha filling. The outer shell is buttery and the filling is a creamy goodness that mixes well with the dough. Sora bread can be described as a soft and moist pastry being similar to cream puffs.

  • Hodugwaja (호두과자)

Also known as walnut cookies or walnut cakes, this pastry originated from Choneu, South Korea. Filled with walnuts and red bean paste. The outer dough is made from pounded, skinned walnuts and wheat flower giving this pastry the look of a walnut. Becoming popular in the 1970s, these pastries were sold in train stations and inside catering trolleys. Now being sold through Seoul and other cities in South Korea.

If you'd rather have a savory snack, these breads are just for you:

  • Sausage-ppang (소세지빵)

Just as the name implies, this bread includes sausage! The sausage is baked in the bread and covered with any of your desired toppings. Many say this bread is very similar to the flavour of a pizza, giving the dough a fluffy texture. It’s like a hot dog, but without the mess!

  • Gyeran-ppang (계란빵) – Egg Bread

This street snack is sold all throughout Korea, and has a sweet and fluffy taste, including a whole egg! It’s ideal for those who just need to have breakfast! Many common toppings on this treat are cheese, parsley and ham. Many vendors also use special machines in order to make plenty of these delicious buns all at once.

Whether you only knew about sandwich bread, French bread, or Mexican sweet bread, we hope these pieces of Korean bread were able to expand your knowledge! Korea has much to offer when it comes to baked goods, so make sure to keep these items in mind when visiting Korean bakeries. Which is a must try for you?

Written by Andrea Villarreal

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