SnackFever - Subscribe-Step1

1. Choose your box.

SnackFever boxes come in 3 different sizes: The Mini, Original and Deluxe. Each box is jam packed with snacks and goodies that will make you smile and go mmmmmm. Our newest addition, the Deluxe comes with exclusive premium snacks you won’t find anywhere else.

*Free shipping to the US (including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam and Alaska).

Mini Box

Includes at least 5 different snacks, candies, and treats. Box weights between0.7 - 1lbs. Ships every month around the 23rd.

Original Box

Includes at least 10 different snacks and treats, 1 ramen and 1 drink. Box weighs between 2 - 2.5lbs. Ships every month around the 23rd.

Deluxe Box

Includes at least 12 different snacks and treats and comes with premium and exclusive goodies. Includes at least a drink, ramen, instant food, swag and much more! Box weighs between 3.5 - 4 lbs. Ships every month aorund the 23rd.

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