Jeju Mini Orange Tart (120g) - daebak
Jeju Mini Orange Tart (120g) - daebak
Jeju Mini Orange Tart (120g) - daebak

Jeju Mini Orange Tart (120g)

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Well-being healthy snack using Jeju orange juice concentrate. A shape resembling the Oreum of Jeju Island, filled with chewy and thick orange peel!

What's Inside

  • Component: 1 Jeju Mini Orange Tart
  • Weight/Capacity: 120g (12pcs/pack)


Flour (wheat: American), other sugars (sugar, starch), sugar, starch syrup, shortening {Indonesia (palm oil, tocopherol, lecithin, citric acid)}, whole egg solution (domestic production), Jeju tangerine juice concentrate (citrus concentrate 100% Jeju) 2.4%, processed grain products, margarine, sweetened condensed milk, orange pulp, complex seasoning, other fructose, dextrin, refined salt, acidity regulator 1, emulsifier, amidpectin, acidity regulator 2, acidity regulator 3, synthetic flavor (orange) Fragrance, vanillin), gardenia yellow pigment, cochinyl extract pigment, mixed preparation (silicone resin, sorbitan fatty acid ester, purified water, carboxymetal cellulose sodium, glycerin fatty acid ester), vitamin B2

Jeju Mini Orange Tart (120g)

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