The Korean Art World

The Korean Art World

Impressing the art world with its unique display of creativity, Korean art has excited many art fanatics around the world. By fusing the past influences with the present, Korean artists have managed to flourish and astonish those who come across their works. As a result, they have produced some of the best contemporary artworks in Asia. Since they have introduced some very skilled pieces, it would be a waste to not visit them. So, let's explore some contemporary artists that have created unique artworks that will blow your mind!

  • Do Ho Suh

Known for his extraordinary pieces, Do Ho Suh is a well-renowned sculpture and installation artist that has captured the eye of many art critics. Since he regularly commutes from New York and Seoul, he has showcased the theme of migration in many of his works. In fact, one of his most famous works is Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home. Located in the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, one will find this magnificent work.

Known as Do Ho Suh’s largest work, Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home is a replica of two houses that this artist lived in. From the outside, one will see a modern apartment building that served as Do Ho Suh’s home when he relocated to the United States. Suspended inside, one will find a traditional Korean home that served as his residence when he was younger. By enticing emotion in the viewers and creating a breathtaking spectacle, Do Ho Suh has revolutionized the viewer's concept of space and their view of the object at hand. 

  • Jee Young Lee

Traversing different realms and universes, JeeYoung Lee has managed to create artworks that extend beyond one’s wildest dreams. Creating surreal environments in the confines of her studio, she creates an alternate reality that is extremely detailed. Since her works intrigue and amaze many viewers, she has been rewarded with many prizes, and she has been exhibited around the world. In fact, some of her most famous works are LoveSeek, Birthday, and Treasure Hunt. Through the photographs that she takes from her works, she is able to create tension in her fantasy world that is conveyed to our own. Based on the artworks that she has created so far, she has proven that her imagination has no boundaries!

  • Xooang Choi 

Though some may view Xooang Choi’s works as intimidating, they are truly a masterpiece to behold. Throughout his early career, Choi created miniature figures, but he turned to a more surreal and realistic side in the late 2000s. Now, he creates human-like sculptures that reflect social themes and human psychology. In fact, some of his most enticing works are The Noise and Sheddings and The Wing.

Forming a circle around the viewers, The Noise and Sheddings displays multiple heads that showcase a number of expressions that thereby create a more life-like quality. As for The Wing, one will see many hands supporting other hands to form two wings that are suspended in the air. Overall, Xooang Choi’s works are not meant to scare or shock the viewer; instead, they are meant to show one the boundaries of the human form. 

  • Jeongmoon Choi 

Creating works that occupy the viewer's concept of space, Jeongmoon Choi has created a name for herself through her unique installations that create a light show with carefully placed threads. Since she relocated to Berlin after graduating, most of her work can be found in the Moeller Fine Art in Berlin and Karst Project in Plymouth. In these places, the viewers are free to explore and admire the displays created. As a result, this enhances the viewer's space and pushes the boundaries of the artwork exhibited. With the artistic diversity employed in her works, Choi is able to stimulate amazement and wonder in the hearts of viewers. 

As you may have noticed, all of these artists have managed to transverse space and time in order to create their exceptional artworks. With the creativity employed by these pieces, these artists were able to move the viewers and show them something that they have never seen before. Are there any other Korean artists with phenomenal artworks that should have been mentioned? If so, let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Art by Jiha Moon
Written by Valeria Voelkl

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