Top 10 Creative Ramen Hacks!

Top 10 Creative Ramen Hacks!

Cup of noodles just not cutting it? Try these ramen hacks to spruce up your instant meal!

by Rachelle "Roach"

We’ve all been there. Instant ramen is calling your name, but you also feel like having a meal a little more substantial than one you could find in a college dorm room. That’s when it’s time to pull out an extra ingredient or two to turn yourself into an instant ramen top chef. Here’s how:

Make It Meaty

Adding a bit of protein to your cup of noodles will take it from a snack, to a hearty meal. Got some leftover chicken, pork, or skirt steak in the fridge? It’ll find a tasty home in your bowl of instant ramen.

Toss In Some Veggies

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This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Throw in a handful of raw spinach, a toss of frozen veggies, or a few shiitake mushrooms with the boiling water as you cook up your soup. They’ll give your ramen some color, while also giving your body a little extra nutrition.

Put an Egg On It

Frankly, this is solid advice for almost any food you’ve got in front of you. A perfectly fried soft boiled egg with runny yolk will make your ramen broth a little more creamy, and a lot more indulgent. Or skip the fried part all together and crack the egg directly into the boiling soup a minute before you turn off the fire; a perfect poached addition to your ramen!

Turn It Into a Miso Broth

Why make instant ramen with just water when you could pack it with a miso punch? A spoonful of miso paste and a dash of soy sauce will help take your broth to the next level.

Herb it Up

Have one bowl of instant ramen with a handful of chopped scallions and cilantro, and you won’t want to go back. They’ve got all the right amount of spice while also bringing a crisp, fresh taste that’s almost impossible to get otherwise from a packet of instant noodles that’s been sitting on a supermarket shelf for ages.

Add Some Tofu

Whether it’s some leftover sauteed tofu or a few spoonfuls of the silky stuff, this is a light, easy way to pack a little more protein into your ramen.

Go (Pea)nuts

Peanut sauce is a delicious addition to many Asian meals. Luckily, it’s easy to whip up a quick, makeshift version right in your ramen. Just mix a spoonful of your favorite peanut butter, a few splashes of a hot sauce like sriracha or Frank’s, and a dash of soy sauce to your broth. That spicy nuttiness will make your broth taste like it simmered for hours instead of just minutes.

Crunch Some Seaweed

Dried seaweed is a great snack all on its own, but it’s extra delicious when it adds a bit of a salty crunch to a bite of dense, soupy noodles.

Dump in Some Dumplings

Let’s all be real -- every soup could use a dumpling or two. Letting some frozen shrimp, pork, or veggie dumplings boil right along with your noodles is a tasty way to add a ton of extra nourishment.

Fry It

Are you one of those people that stares down at your cup of noodles, wishing you had way less broth and a lot more noodles? No problem. Make your ramen like usual, with all your favorite add-ins from above, and then transfer it to a hot skillet with a bit of the broth for flavor, and a little sesame oil. The result will be one of the easiest stirfrys you’ve ever made! Try a couple of these hacks out and see >which are your faves! You can start by getting some savory instant ramen from the SnackFever shop. Let us know how they turn out, or if you have any hacks of your own! 

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