Top 10 Best Korean Ramen Of 2016

Top 10 Best Korean Ramen Of 2016

Korean ramen, ramyun - however you spell it, these noodles totally rocked our world in 2016. Take a slurp and sip of the spicy and delicious!

by Team SnackFever

All of the ramyun listed below, along with our Top 10 Korean Snacks, Drinks, and Candy of 2016, are available in the SnackFever Shop beta website! You can buy your favorites, or try a few different options for the new year!

10. Jumbo Bowl "King Cup" Ramyun  jumbo-bowl-king-cup-ramyun

A steady fan favorite throughout 2016! The Jumbo Bowl is a standout in the popular Paldo Ramyun Box for good reason - the soup offers a deep, spicy broth that ranks among some of the best.  

9. Bulnak Stir-fried Noodles bulnak-spicy-octopus

Another one of Korea's spiciest ramen! This one's an instant version of a classic Korean flavor - spicy octopus!  

8. Bul Jjamppong Spicy Seafood Noodles bul-jjamppong

Stews are so hot right now. And hopefully forever, because stews taste best hot! Spicy seafood noodles, known as jjamppong in Korean, are one of the most popular dishes. This version is one of the most well-regarded instant ramens!  

7. Paldo Jjajangmyun paldo-jjajangmyun


One of our few non-spicy options on the list. Nothing compares to a fresh bowl of black bean noodles at a restaurant. But if you need one quickly while you're at home, this is the first choice we'd recommend!  

6. Gomtang gomtang-seolleongtang

Koreans love beef broth soups, and if you're looking for an introduction, this is where to start. Featuring a nice, deep, slightly-spicy broth, Gomtang is perfect for a cold winter evening. It's also perfect for the summer when you need to sweat it out!  

5. Bibim-myun (Bibim Men) bibimmyun

Have you heard of bibimbap? Here's its close (spicy) sibling. Bibimmyun is one of the soup-less noodle options in our shop. It's a favorite refreshing summer dish!  

4. Sesame Ramyun sesame-ramyun

Sesame has been a long-time favorite flavor among Koreans, so it was a natural step for them to put it in ramyun! This ramyun comes with an extra package of sesame flavoring to give the broth an extra layer of complexity. It's a SnackFever Team favorite!  

3. Teumsae Ramyun teumsae-ramyun

The spiciest Korean ramyun is also one of the best tasting! It may not feel as potent as the pan-fried Buldak or Bulnak noodles, but the soup is no joke!  

2. Kokomen kokomen-chicken-ramyun

One of the few chicken broth Korean ramyun that manages to stand out against many of its beef-based brethren. Kokomen's spicy chicken flavor is a delicious alternative for those trying different ones!  

1. Buldak Chicken Flavor Ramyun buldak-fire-ramyun

The original spicy noodle challenge. Can you handle these? If you're able to survive the spice, you'll actually taste a pretty good chicken-flavored seasoning with the noodles!  

Honorable Mentions: "Snackmyun" Snack Ramyun snack-ramyun

Need a snack? Why not try the noodles that are labeled as such? Snackmyun are a bit smaller than the other ramyun options, but they aren't meant to be a full meal. Just a spicy, savory bite for when you're feeling peckish!  

Paldo Cheese Ramyun paldo-cheese-ramyun


One of the earliest ramyun hacks of all time is to add a slice of cheese to it. Paldo took care of this step for you!   What other Korean ramen did you enjoy this year? Let us know in the comments! You can buy all the ramen at the SnackFever Shop beta site. Be sure to check out our 2016 Top 10 Snacks, Drinks, and Candy, too! 

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