Three Popular Fast Food Menu Items Only Found in Korea

Three Popular Fast Food Menu Items Only Found in Korea

Fast food franchises gain popularity because of their staple foods, these foods are recognized globally because of their promotions, and media presence. In America, it’s easy to think of a BigMac when you hear McDonald's, or Chicken Fries when asked about Burger King. But in some countries, the menu may divert away from what you're used to seeing at home. Here are just a few menu items from popular fast food franchises that you can only find in Korea!

1. Corn Soup at McDonald's

Yes, you read that correctly! While McDonald’s was coined for its BigMac, and 10 piece chicken nugget combos when it comes to their Korean menu they’re a lot more experimental. Taking in what their demographic seems to be consuming the most in local markets, or other food chain franchises and adjusting it to their menu. Their corn soup is one of the newest additions to the specials menu, but it isn’t the first. Previously, they’ve had items such as Chocolate French Fries, Waffle Fries, and even a Corn and Shrimp Burger! Rarely, if ever, do these new additions stick to the menu, but they do have permanent foods catered towards locals such as the Bulgogi burger.

2. Angry Monster X Burger at BurgerKing

While the burger isn’t inspired by the group MonstaX, the concept behind it is still just as cool. Available only on during the month of October, this Angry Monster X Burger is perfect for the spooky season. This burger is a spooky take on Korea’s already famous Monster X Burger. Its buns are dyed a fever burning red, and it’s coated in a red drizzle that covers the chicken patty and beef patty that reside inside. The Angry Monster X Burger is only availble during October, every day on a first come first serve basis.

3. Double Fondue Beef King Pizza at PizzaHut

It’s no secret that pizza is done better in Korea. WIth all the toppings at their disposal, and the bravery to try it out their pizza promotions are never shy of intriguing. The menu for their PizzaHut alone is enough to make a list of menu items you won’t find anywhere else! However, their newest edition is gaining popularity at a rapid rate. The Double Fondue Beef King Pizza was introduced this year and has already become one of their top sellers. The pizza is topped with potatoes, waygu beef (which is beef bred from Japanese cattle), broccoli, and red peppers on top of a fondue base with stuffed crust. It also comes with a side of Fondue for your dipping or pouring pleasure, just in case you couldn’t get enough of it before!

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