The Different Tastes of Korea

The Different Tastes of Korea

With Korean snacks helping to spread culture beyond Korea, we can lose focus on the growing snack food industry. SnackFever does its best to spread not only Korean-inspired snacks but also snacks from other countries that have developed their own Korean twist!

Here's a short list of just five snacks that originated in other countries:

Many people know of Pepero, a thin biscuit stick with different types of coatings, but Pepero is actually inspired by the popular Japanese snack, Pocky. Both Pocky and Pepero are expanding in flavors.

You can never go wrong with chips! Orion is a brand that is known for their O!Karto chips, which come in many different Italian-inspired flavors.

Honey Butter chips grew in popularity very quickly, with more flavors becoming available to fans of the original. One of those flavors is Canadian Maple Syrup, which adds a sweet, caramelized flavor to the crispy butter chip.

Everyone is familiar with the classic wafers, a light and crumbly biscuit that has a variety of cream fillings in between each layer. Wafers originated in France, recorded as available as early in the 14th century.

And now for a U.S. staple: Cheetos. Cheetos began and quickly gained recognition and popularity among kids in the United States. Although the artificial cheese powder is quite messy, these oddly-shaped chips pack a crunch that people love.

All of these treats, plus more, have managed to work their way into Korea and become shared around the world!

What snack from your country would you like to see get a Korean twist?

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