The Convenience of Gimbap

The Convenience of Gimbap

Gimbap is a seaweed rice roll, a Korean dish that is made from cooked rice and other ingredients of choice rolled in a dried sheet of laver seaweed - and cut into about six or more pieces. Because of its shape and content, many have confused with sushi rolls. The ingredients of this dish are what gave it its name. “Gim” is Korean for seaweed while “bap” is Korean for rice. However, there are is an unlimited variety of ingredients that can be added inside a Gimbap, which is why there technically isn’t a specific recipe.

The most well known, or “classic” version of gimbap consists of gim, bap, beef, carrots, yellow pickled radish, spinach, and fried egg. The carrot, egg, and radish are sliced into thin strips, the spinach separated into small bundles, and the meat cooked and sliced into small pieces. All these ingredients are lined on top of a sheet of seaweed with rice and then rolled. The rolls are then cut into bite-sized pieces to take on the go, or to eat immediately.

However, if you cannot eat something in this “classic” version of gimbap, it is completely fine as gimbap is very customizable. The versatile dish can be customized to your own tastes and food limitations. For example, there are even vegetarian gimbaps. The fact that gimbap’s inner ingredients can be changed makes this dish a very convenient meal to suit different tastes. It also allows a variety of different versions which you can see when purchasing the dish at restaurants or street vendors, or even making it yourself since you can add anything you want!

In addition, gimbap is also very convenient because it can be packed on the go, eaten as a meal, or eaten as a snack. In Korea, gimbap is abundant and can be found easily on the streets, in restaurants, or in a nearby store. In restaurants, you can eat in with gimbap or easily ask for it to go. Many restaurants carry the dish. Also, you can get gimbap as street food. Even street vendors at small night markets or places where street food is available, sell gimbap! At street vendors, they tend to sell a different version of gimbap - mini gimbap. Mini gimbap is simply just a smaller version of gimbap that is in mini rolls. The mini gimbap uses minimal ingredients which takes left effort to roll up. The mini gimbap is also very convenient bc it does not stuff your mouth with as much food as regular gimbap does. The miniature size makes it easier to eat and carry.

Overall, Gimbap is a very versatile dish, as it can be packed on the go, eaten as a meal, or as a snack.It is common in Korea to pack gimbap for school picnics, lunch and trips or even made as small gifts to show someone gratitude. They are very easy to get in Korea and have a variety of options and types. It is often a comfort food for Koreans that is very available. The dish is a convenient food of Korean culture.

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