PK Market is Opening in L.A., and Here's My Grocery List

PK Market is Opening in L.A., and Here's My Grocery List

PK Market is coming to the United States! The South Korean grocer plans to open its first overseas location in L.A. by the end of 2019, which gives those of us based in California with a hankering for international flavors just enough time to solidify our grocery lists.

A high-end grocerant (grocery store + restaurant), the L.A.-based PK Market will feature a grocery mart chock-full of Korean goodies and a food hall where shoppers can dine in and enjoy a grilled meal or even sushi, tempura, and prepared food.

By the time the L.A. location opens to the public, it will have a wide array of groceries, including food and beverages, but what about snacks?! While we can only speculate what Korean treats will line the store’s shelves, here are just a few Korean snack staples that are at the top of my PK Market grocery list:

  • Tteokbokki Crackers

Two words: Spicy goodness. I want my taste buds to feel like they’ve been transported across the world, and tteokbokki crackers do just the trick.  

  • Choco Pie

A classic.

  • Tako Chips

If it’s shaped like an octopus and tastes like an octopus—it’s Tako Chips! I know our parents told us not to play with our food, but Tako Chips are the exception, right?

  • Pepero

Chocolate, strawberry, almond, and more—I need them all, and then some!

  • Seaweed

Shelves and shelves and shelves of seaweed! In a perfect world, I would be able to survive off of seaweed and only seaweed. Because you made it to the end of this post, here’s a video of me enjoying seaweed!

What's on your list?

Let us know in the comments below!

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